Voice Director: Kyle Phillips

US Home Media: Nov 08, 2016
Japan Premiere: Jul 07, 2015
Japan Conclusion: Sep 29, 2015

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13

Animation Studio: Madhouse

Popularity: 293rd All Time, 89th This Week

Franchise: Overlord
Characters on BTVA: 42
Overlord Overlord
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said at 5:48 AM on Sat Aug 13 2016
It feels like this could actually be a potential contender for the grand dub that I've been tirelessly waiting for this year that may finally to some degree quell my appetite for masterful dubbing. This has been a fairly run of the mill year for the dubbing medium. I've been seeing less grand scale dubbing of late like Tokyo Ghoul and more average fare that doesn't impress or stand out much among the countless amount of dubbing work that is currently being produced. The casting for this dub is exactly what I want to see more of in Dallas dubbing. I've been hoping to see Christopher Guerrero land a true leading role for three years now and finally that ship has landed on its rightful shore. I'm glad to see Ed Blaylock, Jeff Johnson and Brad Venable getting some much needed voice work its been many moons since these actors have been given named character roles that weren't just brief cast away incidental characters with little dialogue. If Bill Jenkins and Justin Cook end up being the among the cast as well that would just make the dub even more appealing to watch. Kyle Phillips has proven to able to put together compelling casting lists that feel fresh and go against the usual tired casting mentality that we see far to often in the dubbing landscape. Kyle's voice direction can be a hit or miss experience at times but hopefully he can rise to the occasion and really bring out some exceptional performances from his entire voice cast. We shall see if he can join the ranks of such voice directing greats like Mike Mcfarland and Steven Foster. If the voice direction and ADR script are tightly efficient then this dub could very well end up being one of the stand out dubs of 2016. Now if the dub suffers from an incompetent ADR script and weak voice direction then the Overlord dub will simply succumb to looming mediocrity. We'll see in good time what the final outcome shall be. I haven't warmed up to Elizabeth Maxwell quite yet as a voice actress. Elziabeth's work just hasn't impressed me but perhaps her performance as Albedo will change that. I feel that Felecia Angelle and Mikaela Krantz will likely be two of more positive aspects of the dub in the performance department.
said at 11:46 AM on Mon Aug 15 2016

Elizabeth Maxwell hasn't impressed you yet, huh? Have you watched the Noragami Aragoto dub? Her performance as Bishamon might bring you over.
said at 6:18 PM on Fri Aug 12 2016
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Chris about time he gets a lead role
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