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Show: One Piece
Franchise: One Piece


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said at 12:30 AM on Thu Jul 2 2015
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Well I was thinking Scott Freeman for him, but given everything that's happened to Scott lately I'm thinking that's out of the question. So now I'm thinking Jarrod Greene.
said at 10:59 AM on Sat Jan 21 2017
@Ichigo341578926 No clue. I mean it's a 117 episodes from where the dub currently is at. It literally can be anyone. Scott would've been a sweet choice to say something. I'm kinda thinking more of Austin Tindle to voice him seeing that he hasn't had a big role in the dub other from extras and Iceberg in his youth. And he can scream. Austin or J Michael Tatum. Now I know Tatum voices Eneru and Dalton, but will both reappear (besides from flashbacks)?
said at 11:53 AM on Sat Jan 21 2017
@itsmedeadpool I wouldn't mind Austin or Tatum, but if I had to choose I would prefer Austin due to me kinda wanting Tatum to voice Kin'emon.
said at 1:20 PM on Sat Jan 21 2017
@Ichigo341578926 i do like the idea of Tatum as Kin'emon :)

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