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said at 10:24 AM on Sun May 24 2015
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Ironically, for a show as beloved as "Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water", the title character of the show, despite topping Japan's Animage polls back in 1990-1991, has become a rather controversial character for many viewers. Although notable for being a strong female with dark skin, Nadia herself, surprisingly, is not always likable. Part of that may be the fault of the hideous filler arc in the second half of the show, which degrades her personality from a complex, flawed character into a totally insufferable, mean-spirited, and unsympathetic bitch. But to hold that against the character isn't really fair; the creative staff behind the first 22 episodes clearly were not in the driver's seat when it comes to her character.

In the canonical story, she's a much more complicated and complex character. Distrusting, paranoid, and strong-willed about her own views, yet fond of animals, she's a far more sympathetic character, the occasional temper scenes notwithstanding. Even then, she is shown to be quite nice to Jean and even growing to care about him more than having her be altogether dismissive. By the end of the show she matures into a caring, trusting woman because of Jean's unselfish love for her, and that is a touching story arc regardless of any character.

If only the wretched filler episodes were excised, Nadia could have been a compelling character. Watching the show as intended by Gainax (1-22, 31, and 35-39), though, slightly erases the unpleasant stain the island/Africa arc taints her with.

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