Voice Director: Karl Willems

US Home Media: Dec 26, 2017
Japan Premiere: Apr 09, 2016
Japan Conclusion: Jun 26, 2016

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 12

Animation Studio: Trigger

Popularity: 1,250th All Time, 617th This Week

Characters on BTVA: 10
Kiznaiver Kiznaiver
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said at 4:28 AM on Thu Apr 19 2018
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I do recall wanting to check this one out when I first heard about the show. Mostly because 1) Shirow Miwa's designs; and 2) it's a Trigger project. The thing is, however, I've been putting off Kiznaiver for what felt like an unusually long period. But now having finally watched the series both in its intended and English-dubbed formats, I can honestly say the time I spent watching this...

was worthwhile. Compared to most of the animation studio's work, Kiznaiver's quite grounded and takes itself a hell of a lot more seriously. It isn't afraid to go down the dark route nor is it scared to bask itself in teenage angst and melodrama; this *was* written by Mari Okada, by the way. The show definitely has its moments of levity, though, plus central themes to live by such as showing empathy and the fact that love can hurt, but that shouldn't stop anyone from feeling or outright admiring things.

Unfortunately, 12 episodes is too short for the sort of plot the anime wanted to tell, not to mention said amount isn't enough to properly flesh out all the characters or do much of anything with the world building. Without spoiling a whole lot, only one role aside from the leading duo gets a dedicated arc, and it doesn't help that I personally don't give a crap for that character in question. Occasionally the show comes off contrived and its romantic elements can get in the way.

Even so, Kiznaiver's still worth a shot - *especially* if you're gonna watch it for the presentation. Not only do Miwa's designs translate well in anime, the overall look of this production is amazing. Dare I say it has the most movement and gorgeous scenery of all the Trigger shows I've seen. A detail I found myself respecting throughout Kiznaiver's run was that the characters' eyes would glow every once in a while. Aside from the stupendous animation and art, many of the characters that make up the cast are entertaining onscreen, Yuki Hayashi's score is good, and the premise - whilst I didn't like how the story was executed - is very interesting on paper.

The voice acting for the Japanese version is solid, yet the English track is just as good (if not better). The latter was made possible by Ocean and Crunchyroll, and given Karl Willems' track record, it's no surprise the dub turned out as great as it did. If I were to pick highlights dub-wise, then Michael Adamthwaite's Yamada, Lucas Gilbertson as Tenga, Rylan Strachan as Katsuhira, and Katrina Salisbury as Nico in no particular order.

Overall I'm slappin' a strong 7 to light 8 on Kiznaiver.

"Friendship is soy sauce! Omnipotent seasoning!"
said at 6:52 AM on Thu Feb 1 2018
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I bing watched the dub and I must say it was great, this is definetly one of Blue Water`s best dubs.

While I admit I only watched the show due to Michael Adamthwaite`s involvement I`m a fan of the cast here, they did a good job
8000 Saiyans
said at 8:37 AM on Mon Feb 19 2018
@Abdullab It's great to know that the dub is good.
said at 8:39 AM on Mon Feb 19 2018
@8000 Saiyans It`s on crunchyroll for free so u can check it out for yourself if u want
said at 6:01 PM on Wed Jan 31 2018
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As of today, Crunchyroll has made the English dub available on their site. It's available for free/non-member users too, if you can handle ads.
8000 Saiyans
said at 10:54 PM on Wed Jan 10 2018
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Hope this dub is great and proves to some detractors that Blue Water has talent.
Shaun Ince
said at 1:07 PM on Tue Jan 23 2018
@8000 Saiyans Blue Water Studios talent has always been pretty good. Listen to all their other work that isn't Dragonball related & you'll find they're on par with Ocean Studios at some points. Best example I can think of is Gregory Horror Show.
8000 Saiyans
said at 1:25 PM on Tue Jan 23 2018
@Shaun Ince Their Gundam stuff wasn't good either.

But yeah, they're underrated and if the Ocean dub of Kai ever comes out, I'm curious to see which Blue Water actors are going to appear in it, aside from Brendan Hunter.

And while I haven't seen Gregory Horror Show, the voice acting sounds pretty good judging from the audio clips.
said at 11:31 PM on Tue Jan 23 2018
@Shaun Ince Their Megaman dubs were also really good as well. Probably the first good dubs that franchise ever got outside of the Legends series.
said at 12:00 AM on Wed Jan 24 2018
@8000 Saiyans "Their Gundam stuff wasn't good either."

Really? I thought G Gundam's dub was pretty good.
8000 Saiyans
said at 8:34 AM on Thu Mar 29 2018
@Ichigo341578926 Sorry, I was mainly thinking about the Zeta Gundam dub.
said at 10:03 AM on Thu Mar 29 2018
@8000 Saiyans Ah, I haven't seen Zeta Gundam yet.
said at 7:01 AM on Tue Dec 5 2017
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I would really like to see more Ocean dubs soon.
said at 6:47 AM on Wed Nov 8 2017
 2 Shout Outs!
(A little clip from aniplex twitter)
I really liking what I’m hearing so far.
said at 8:29 AM on Wed Nov 8 2017
@MadDude657 *I’m (that was weird)
said at 10:10 AM on Wed Nov 8 2017
@MadDude657 it happens again.... what going on?
said at 1:20 PM on Fri Nov 3 2017
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Hopefully we get more Ocean dubs. Haven't heard many of these guys in a while.
said at 7:35 PM on Thu Nov 2 2017
 4 Shout Outs!
Whoa Ocean back in the game and it cool they got Michael Adamthwaite in this
said at 9:21 PM on Wed Nov 8 2017
@batcool honestly the fact he is a recurring character is a major reason to watch the dub
said at 12:08 PM on Thu Nov 2 2017
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Well, this is a nice surprise. If I recall, this dub was in production before the Funi buy this might be a one time deal >
said at 7:31 AM on Thu Nov 2 2017
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Glad that Ocean and Crunchyroll are doing another dub together. This is also a special occasion as this is the first Aniplex and Studio Trigger project to have a dub recorded in Canada. I hope this isn't the last for either company.

Though this will be bittersweet as this is Lucas Gilbertson's final voice acting role as he plans to leave voice acting to pursue making cartoons full time.

Also it's nice having Michael Adamthwaite in this, as he's one of my personal favourites and Jennifer Cameron is one I rather like who hasn't been in enough for my liking so this is pretty awesome.

Seriously keep the Ocean dubs coming guys!
said at 11:24 AM on Wed Nov 1 2017
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said at 1:16 AM on Wed Nov 1 2017
 4 Shout Outs!
Wow, this is completely unexpected - the fact that is getting a dub, let alone done by Ocean. This is great news!
said at 4:47 AM on Wed Nov 1 2017
@MizukaS actually it's mostly blue water studio but ocean Vancouver have a part with as well. But hay at else we got an Canadian anime dub again.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:03 AM on Wed Nov 1 2017

Blue Water is part of Ocean. It's just the name of their Calgary recording studio.
said at 6:48 PM on Tue Oct 31 2017
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Thanks Crunchyroll and aniplex. Good to see Canadian dub coming with hint Gintama and world trigger. Also I really liking the cast. Hope this a sign that we see more ocean and blue water Canada anime dubs in the future :)
said at 6:43 PM on Tue Oct 31 2017
 4 Shout Outs!
Real happy to see this show finally get dubbed and released this year. Crazy to see this be the second show handed off by Crunchyroll over to Ocean after Gintama.

Pretty excited to hear how this cast goes, especially when I'm not familiar with the majority of them.
said at 2:07 PM on Wed May 18 2016
I can't wait for episode 7 to air, this anime is by far the best I've seen this year.
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