Chef Kawasaki Chef Kawasaki

  Chef Kawasaki

Show: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Franchise: Kirby


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said at 11:07 AM on Sat Jan 26 2013
Hello There i wish for someone to aswer me this. And i ask this with a tear in my eye's, If maddie Died in 2008 or 2009, how come the voice of chef kawasaki din't change at all in the Short episode they did in 2011? They did a Kirby 3-D episode on the nintendo 3DS.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:43 PM on Sat Jan 26 2013
@Gekko_Amario I remember watching that little episode. I'm pretty sure it was a different voice, but there weren't any credits so I don't know who it was.
said at 7:18 AM on Sun Jan 27 2013
@NCZ I'm sorry if this feel like im questioning you or that i make mi self look intelligent or something. but trust me i know maddie voice pitching sound and thats hers. yesterday i was in a deep depression Because of that, i only hope she is just alive or something. i really loved that Girl. and i'm sorry if i tipped some of the words wrong, i just woke up and i had to get it out of my head, cause i wanna get out of this depression. and thanks for taking your time to answer my question NCZ.
said at 6:48 PM on Sat Apr 13 2013
@Gekko_Amario Blaustein passed away in 2008, so Chef Kawasaki was definitely recasted for the 3DS short. 4Kids even dedicated a whole episode to her when they renewed the license for the Kirby anime. Watch the end of this video:

Not sure who it is though (I'd guess it's Wayne Grayson or Dan Green).

Chef Kawasaki
Chef Kawasaki

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