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Jackie Chan Adventures

Jackie Chan Adventures

Jackie Chan Adventures
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US First Aired Release Date: September 09, 2000
US Last Aired: 2005

Seasons: 5
Episodes: 95

Franchise: Jackie Chan Adventures
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said at 10:16 PM on Sun Sep 6 2015
This definitely has to be a top contender for one of the most original cartoons of all-time. The interesting mythos and universe this series created over 5 seasons is no small feat.
said at 9:58 PM on Mon May 28 2012
Isn't it weird Jackie Chan didn't voice himself? It's like, say, Weird Al having his own cartoon and not voicing himself. C'mon!
said at 6:33 PM on Sat Jun 2 2012
@JayGirl10 Might have been a time or money issue? They thought it would be cheaper if he just hosted or was on staff.
said at 12:35 PM on Mon Jun 4 2012
@pete True, he is a big star so i guess he would've charged a lot. I didn't think of that, thanks!
said at 10:34 PM on Mon Sep 9 2013
@JayGirl10 Actually as a Producer of the show he opted out for fulfilling his own voice for the role to give the opportunity to a young voice actor who needed a break. It turned out well for the actor because after which he began being offered many more roles. Has nothing to do with budget; Jackie has said in an interview that had he of had to he would of even done it for free because he loves cartoons and creating one was one of his (now amazingly accomplished) dreams. Nothing to do with budget constraints as it was a very successful show. I also heard that Jackie donated most of his profits if not all to childrens charities.
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 12:05 PM on Tue May 11 2010
You have to be an admin. If interested you need to join the forums and find the 'Join the Team' thread.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 9:36 PM on Mon Nov 9 2009
working on it as of now, also planning to add as many characters I can. It should be nice and full sometime soon :)

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