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  Hector Ramirez

Show: Inhumanoids

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said at 3:12 PM on Fri Jan 12 2018
I find it fascinating that this character bridge the gap between all of the other Sunbow shows from the 80's. Having originally appeared in G.I. Joe to Transformers, then later JEM and of course Inhumanoids.

He did appear in the IDW comics the past year, so it'd be neat if Hasbro is gonna try their Shared Universe again (except this time do it right) with their new cartoons. I hope they use Hector again.

Neil Ross was pretty good as his VA. Not sure why he didn't voice him in the characters appearance on The Transformers? John Stephenson/Frank Welker whoever of the two it was, was okay but not as unique or memorable for the character.

For a new voice, I can imagine Carlos Alazraqui, Eric Bauza, Trevor Devall or Kirby Morrow voicing him.

In a live-action movie, Benjamin Bratt maybe?
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