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Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold!
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US First Aired Release Date: October 07, 1996
US Last Aired: 2004

Seasons: 5
Episodes: 101

Animation Studio: Nickelodeon
Franchise: Hey Arnold!
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said at 6:27 PM on Fri Jan 3 2014
This was one of my childhood shows that I absolutely loved as a younger kid. They put it up on Netflix, so I need to get around to fully watching it soon. Also, it's kind of weird that atound 4-5 VA'S voiced Arnold throughout the show, but they all did a good job with the role IMO.
said at 9:37 AM on Wed May 23 2012
I liked this show when I was a kid. I even saw the movie at the movies when I was much younger. I never 'loved' it but I thought it was pretty enjoyable and I really adored Helga! Still do!

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