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G.I. Joe Sigma Six

G.I. Joe Sigma Six

G.I. Joe Sigma Six
US First Aired Release Date: September 10, 2005
US Last Aired: 2007

Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26

Franchise: G.I. Joe
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said at 12:44 PM on Mon Feb 23 2015
Also, Baroness was played by Amy Birnbaum in this series, not Kayzie Rogers.
said at 8:58 AM on Tue Feb 24 2015
Yeah, Rogers ain't credited (see here, but as usual no one ever checks credits for 4Kids stuff. I can see in this particular case that Kirby leaked out of the sides for this one. And if Wills ain't Duke, then he must be Destro. No way Marc was that many peope (just look at Yu-Gi-Oh GX, cuz he certainly ain't Axel).

And Paull then must be Mathew George? Yes, it's all coming together now.
said at 12:42 PM on Mon Feb 23 2015
Just a quick fix on this one: Duke was originally played by Andrew Paull, not David Wills. Then Greg Abbey took over.

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