Fate/Extra Last Encore

Fate/Extra Last Encore
Japan Premiere: Jan 27, 2018
Japan Conclusion: Ongoing

Popularity: 3,522nd All Time, 23rd This Week

Franchise: Fate
Characters on BTVA: 15
Fate/Extra Last Encore Fate/Extra Last Encore
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said at 7:06 PM on Wed Feb 7 2018
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Been pretty curious to see where this spin-off series goes, especially when it's going such a different direction from the game it's based on and has franchise creator Kinoko Nasu as the main writer to boot.

A shame Netflix snatched this one up as well after Apocrypha which means waiting for months on end for its release and even then, going by Apocrypha's example, they probably wont even unionise the dub which means yet another recast with Kirei at least after Saber in Apo.

Just kinda annoying when it's a company as big as Netflix and they cared enough about consistency to rehire Bang Zoom to dub Apocrypha but not enough to make the dub union.
said at 10:00 PM on Wed Feb 7 2018
@JRPictures Well this Saber is a different person then the one from the main series so it makes scene to have a different VA, but yeah they need to get Freeman back as Kirei.
said at 10:52 PM on Wed Feb 7 2018
@xstationo I'm very aware that the Saber here is totally different, I was just mentioning F/SN Saber's appearance in Apocrypha in relation to the possibility of Kirei being recast.
said at 3:35 AM on Thu Feb 8 2018
@JRPictures Hoping that Bang Zoom will go with Price for Kirei at least to keep some consistency like with Ruff.
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