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Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail
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Home Video Release Date (USA): November 22, 2011

First Aired (Japan): October 12, 2009

Seasons: 5+
Episodes: 175+

Franchise: Fairy Tail
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Heartfilia Mage 721
said at 9:21 PM on Sat Dec 28 2013
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
It's confirmed FT's coming back in April!
said at 9:35 AM on Thu Feb 6 2014
@Heartfilia Mage 721 You just made my day, thanks for sharing the link ! :D
Der Grapist
said at 9:13 AM on Thu Oct 24 2013
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Why is it that, when I look at this series, I think "One Piece 2.0"?
said at 1:11 PM on Sat Mar 8 2014
@Der Grapist please don't
said at 11:35 AM on Fri Oct 18 2013
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
Incredibly overrated, in my opinion. The show's okay. But I mean come on, this show isn't nearly as spectacular or original as people give it credit for.
said at 9:09 PM on Thu Sep 12 2013
Why exactly are a bunch of the characters listed twice?
Heartfilia Mage 721
said at 7:07 PM on Tue Sep 17 2013
@kinne you talking about the Edolas counterparts?
Heartfilia Mage 721
said at 5:18 PM on Tue Jul 23 2013
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
Pantherlily should be voiced by Troy Baker. I think he would fit perfectly in the role.
said at 1:15 AM on Tue May 7 2013
Really excited to know that Season 2 Episodes 49-71 are going to be dubbed and on top of that the Movie as well. I'm really proud of Cherami Leigh and becoming such a huge inspiration in my life when it comes to voice acting and for getting the role of Asuna in "Sword Art Online." I'm a little sad that I have to wait a while for the anime to continue, but anime our not im a Fairy Tail fan until the end. So now I'm patiently reading the manga and waiting for Mashima to announce the continuation of the anime, once the Manga is in a comfortable position for the anime to continue.
said at 10:01 AM on Sat Apr 6 2013
Does anyone else think Fairy Tail is like Naruto just with wizards?
I mean, the main protagonist is a kid everyone think sucks who turns out to be really powerful and strong, who always knocks heads with the other male main character, who has blue/black hair, and both think they are better/stronger than each other (Naruto and Sasuke, Natsu and Gray).
Heartfilia Mage 721
said at 7:08 PM on Tue Sep 17 2013
@Zaria_Red Yeah it does reminds me of Naruto in a way.
said at 3:00 PM on Mon Nov 26 2012
With out a doubt Fairy Tail has completely became my favorite Anime. There's just something about the show and characters that give you a sense of Fulfillment and Wonder! Hiro Mashima did a excellent job on delivering a show that can change the way audience look at Anime. I've heard from many different people on there thoughts about this show and they have all been positive! This show will one day become well respected loved and admired.
said at 7:55 PM on Tue Nov 20 2012
I don't know if I'll ever get the character-listing and naming policies on this site...
said at 9:48 PM on Tue Nov 20 2012
I see no major problems. Maybe you just complain too much?
said at 10:31 PM on Tue Nov 20 2012
@freezeframe100 That has to be the only possible explanation. I can never put my finger on it, but I always get this vibe that drives me absolutely crazy, and it makes me feel like a domineering jack-a-mule.
said at 11:44 AM on Sat Jun 23 2012
why does everyone spell freeds name like fried
said at 12:39 PM on Sat Jun 23 2012
@game-freak Because that's how it's spelled in the Funimation dub and his latest appearance in the official manga translation by Kodansha USA. It's still pronounced the same.
said at 9:11 PM on Wed Feb 1 2012
Is it me or the pictures changed!
said at 12:07 AM on Sat Feb 4 2012
@XxDream They tend to do that.

Also, the more members are added to this cast, the more awesome it gets! I want Funimation to dub the whole series to the very last episode, whenever that will come. Because it doesn't seem there is one in sight as of this posting.
said at 6:03 PM on Thu Jun 30 2011
 1 Shout Out! [?]
I agree Cherami Leigh is the perfect voice actor for Lucy and also Christopher Sabat as Elfman, but I'm not to sure about Todd Haberkorn as Natsu but that could be me being picky, since natsu is my favorite character
said at 9:18 PM on Wed Jun 22 2011
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Oh dear god, Cherami Leigh is such a perfect choice for Lucy.

I could die happy.

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