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Durarara!! Durarara!! Durarara!!


US First Aired: Jun 25, 2011
US Last Aired: 2011
US Home Media: Jan 25, 2011
Japan First Aired: Jan 07, 2010
Japan Last Aired: 2010

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 26

Franchise: Durarara!!
Characters on BTVA: 46

Popularity: 51st All Time, 36th This Week. *

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Recurring Roles

Guest Stars


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said at 3:11 AM on Thu Mar 27 2014
 1 Shout Out!
And I am cheering that there will be a season 2 for this anime! Let's hope it gets dubbed as well.

Anyway is this union? I see Crispin Freeman as Shizuo and Crispin stopped voicing non union projects in 2005
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 12:05 PM on Thu Mar 27 2014

As far as I know Durarara!! is a union dub. :)

So assuming Aniplex of America dubs the new season in the future, Crispin Freeman and the rest of the English cast should return.
said at 2:42 AM on Tue Apr 22 2014
@Jackson_H Thought so

But I will say union dubs in anime is very rare
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