Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy
Voice Director: Christopher Bevins

US Home Media: Nov 16, 2004
Japan Premiere: Mar 26, 1997

Episodes: 1

Animation Studio: Toei Animation

Popularity: 1,148th All Time, 1,572nd This Week

Franchise: Dragon Ball
Characters on BTVA: 30
Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy
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said at 7:29 PM on Mon Dec 8 2014
Ughhhh. I hated it. Why did they decide to skip 100 years into the future when all the cool characters are dead!? I never liked Pan, in fact she was my least favorite of the whole series, but I guess she wasn't there the whole movie, though Goku Jr. was just terrible, I kept wanting Piccolo to come and slap some sense into him and train him like Gohan.

I guess a lot of my problems with this come from my not liking GT and not liking any of the characters except the bears. Where was Vegeta Jr. by the way? Why didn't the Son family keep in touch with Vegetas' family? Did Pan hate them or something and didn't want to introduce them to friends of the family?(Though given it's Pan maybe..)I didn't think it needed to be as long as it was either, they could have easily shorten it and told the same story but I guess they wanted more screen time?

I wish I had more positive things to say about it, but I don't recommend it.
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