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Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist
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US First Aired Release Date: February 22, 2014
US Last Aired: 2014
US Home Media Release Date: July 09, 2013
Japan First Aired Release Date: April 17, 2011
Japan Last Aired: 2011

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 25

Franchise: Blue Exorcist
*Originally released on 4 sub-only DVD volumes in the U.S. from 2011 to 2012
*Re-released with an English dub on DVD and Blu-ray in 2013
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said at 2:09 PM on Fri May 23 2014
This shows really good, with Japanese voices, I couldn't finish one episode in English dubb. Bryce pappenbrook is honestly one of my least favorites, but Johnny yong Bosch is disappointing. I really wanted this show to be good in English. very disappointed
Heartfilia Mage 721
said at 7:32 AM on Sun Nov 24 2013
 3 Shout Outs! [?]
I CAN'T BELIEVE ITS GOING TO AIR ON TOONAMI! Well I'm willing to watch it dubbed again,
said at 2:01 PM on Sun Aug 25 2013
Whoever did Takara's voice is badass. Both the puppet form and the actual character were well done for the dub, specifically that tongue twister in the OVA which was confirmed to have been recorded in one take. That means all those lines had to be memorized. Surely a talented person whoever it was.
said at 12:48 PM on Sun Jan 13 2013
This is a really cool show. It's got great characters, a fun (yet somewhat dark) story, and very good voice acting from Bryce Pappenbrook and Johnny Yong Bosch.

I can't wait for this show to be re-released to DVD (I'm not sure where the "2013" number came from, since no English release has been announced, other than the subtitled import).
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 5:48 PM on Sun Jan 13 2013

No official news yet but it's pretty much common sense a re-release will happen sometime in 2013. Now that there's a dub and it has some exposure on Neon Alley (fake TV), those sub-only sets aren't going to sell anymore except for a few fans who don't like or care about a dub.

Releasing it in 2014 would be stupid since by then interest wouldn't be as high = less sales and almost no company sits on a product consumers want for more than a year. That's just dumb business.

Aniplex USA doesn't have a huge amount of other titles to release so a re-release with the dub sometime this year is extremely likely and will probably be a higher priority for them.

As for the show itself I agree it's pretty good but it's a shame that like many other manga to anime adaptations it deviates partway and then it's all original stuff (sometimes decent, usually disappointing).

Hopefully someday there's a proper adaptation and it gets the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood treatment. Both the manga and anime franchise seem to be very popular so fans might at least get more movies if the first is successful.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 5:51 PM on Sun Jan 13 2013

Also worth noting that this series was animated in HD so there are fans who want a Blu-ray release which Aniplex USA hasn't done yet. Even if they don't re-release the series on DVD (though they'd be losing $$$ to fans who still buy and prefer DVD), they can still include the dub on Blu-ray.
said at 9:53 PM on Sun Jan 13 2013
@Jackson_H I did dig up a panel for Viz at a convention last year where they were talking about Neon Alley. They said that everything on Neon Alley would be seeing a DVD release. No date is confirmed unfortunately, but at least we have confirmation that a re-release is likely to happen.

There are also rumors going around that Viz themselves will re-release the DVDs, and that they helped produce the English dub (which is very likely).

I'm not the biggest fan of Aniplex USA. I wouldn't mind them too much, but they only sell their releases on certain websites, and for questionable prices. However, I could easily tolerate them if they sub-license some of their products out to other companies (possibly after doing import releases when a show first comes out), which makes a lot of sense in my eyes.

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