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Angel Beats!
Voice Director: Steven Foster

US Home Media: Jul 26, 2011
Japan Premiere: Apr 03, 2010
Japan Conclusion: Jun 26, 2010

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13

Popularity: 111th All Time, 169th This Week

Franchise: Angel Beats!
Characters on BTVA: 27
Angel Beats! Angel Beats!
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said at 1:28 PM on Tue Jun 9 2015
Dub Review Time:
The acting in my opinion was spot on. With the talents of Voice Actors such as Brittney Karbowski, Blake Shepard, Emily Neves, David Matranga etc. dubs these days can't easily fail.

However, there is only one thing my mind's been boggling with. Of all the Dubs Steven Foster has Directed, I can't help but feel that this one was a kind of a rushed one. My reason is that some of the the Characters' mouth movements doesn't sync well with the Voice Actors' dialect. I'm not sure if this is because when Sentai started to Dub the show, they weren't given the final footage which caused the audio not to sync, or Steven Foster had a deadline which forced him to rush the dubbing process, or he just didn't care anymore.
said at 12:55 AM on Fri Jun 12 2015
@Sharkssmart Its a moronic myth by the english anime fandom during the last decade that Steven Foster never cared about his directing work when in reality he was immensely passionate about putting out the best possible dubbing product that he was capable of. The audio not syncing correctly falls on the head of the audio engineer who most likely screwed up the final mix of the dub before the product was sent out to the masses. In a recent interview Foster speaks about how a similar syncing problem happened with a few of his final dubs that he directed thankfully he got the problem in the final sound mix before the product was sent out. Once again the issue was audio engineers who were simply being lazy and careless with their job. The fandom is quick to blame Foster for such mistakes when in fact he had nothing to do with these rookie mistakes. The Angel Beats dub was one of the few dubs according to Greg Ayres that recorded the first half of episodes at once but then took several months before the last half of the series was recorded. So there was a long hiatus when recording this dub that's why so many actors in the dub were replaced halfway through the series.
said at 12:56 AM on Fri Jun 12 2015
said at 1:22 AM on Fri Jun 12 2015
said at 10:50 AM on Sat Oct 31 2015
@IAMTHEVASTUNIVERSE Still, I could've done without lines like "I always went to visit my sister, no matter how sick she got with the cancer!"
said at 4:57 PM on Tue Jul 31 2012
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I originally watched Angel Beats in Japanese two year ago the Japanese Dub was excellent it had been a few years since I've seen the series and I decided to re-watch Angel Beats but this time in English.I had my doubts in the beginning if Blake Shepard was the right choice to play Yuzuru but Blake ended up being one of the greatest assets for the English Dub by the end of the series. Brittany Karbowski was simply outstanding as Yuri I believe its her strongest performance to date.Emily Neves was great as Angel she shines the most in the last half of the final episode of the series..David Matranga's voice fits Hideki perfectly he gave a respectable performance and Hilary Haag's voice fit the goofy and hyper persona of Yui I feel when Yui's series moments came up she handled the scenes quite well.I was pleasantly surprised how well Greg Ayres fit Ayato Naoi he was especially good in the last half of the Family Affair(episode six) Greg may have given best performance of his career in that episode.I liked Mark X Laskowski as The Mysterious Boy he delivered his lines quite well.The real gems of the English Dub are Blake and Brittney they were always consistently good in the emotional scenes of the series.It does take a few episodes for the English Dub to really get its feet off the ground but once it does its easily on par with the Japanese Dub if not better.Steven Foster has directed another fantastic English Dub I feel that Angel Beats and High School of the Dead are the finest dubs that Sentai Filmworks has produced in the last couple of years that could compete with Funimation's English dubs!I would put the English dubs of Angel Beats and High School of the Dead up there with the English dubs of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Dragonball Kai,Bleach and Gundam Unicorn has the most impressive dubs to come out in the last couple of years.Angel Beats is a phenomenal series in any language.Its rare to have a story touch your heart in such a beautiful way in any storytelling medium.
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