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Akame ga Kill!
Voice Director: Kyle Jones

US Premiere: Aug 08, 2015
US Conclusion: Feb 20, 2016
US Home Media: Feb 09, 2016
Japan Premiere: Jul 06, 2014
Japan Conclusion: Dec 14, 2014

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 24

Animation Studio: White Fox

Popularity: 237th All Time, 65th This Week

Franchise: Akame ga Kill!
Characters on BTVA: 72
Akame ga Kill! Akame ga Kill!
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said at 8:49 AM on Wed Jun 6 2018
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(Disclaimer:Don't read if you're going to get all grr about me being actually liking the series,I'm not the mood for it and the anime fanbase's bull and it turns into a messes rant..ha ha ha irony -_-


In defense of the ending(The anime ended in 2014 while the manga ending just either around 2014 or last year,My library don't have the last book since all the edgy 13 year olds want to read it and I have to wait for them to return the books sooooo..)(Full disclosure the manga did not end like the manga some of the characters the anime killed off are still alive by the ending of the manga.I asked my friend about ending btw.She finished the manga series)(Do I think it's bull that people bash on the anime cause of some the chooses they made..Yes,Yes I do) White fox had to come up with the ending on the top of there heads.Now was it a good ending? (Shrugs) I have no opinion of it cause the anime fandom pretty much forces you to to have there opinion on shows like this but the akame ga theater short wrap party made up for the ending for me(The ending made me sad...)

Now my thoughts on the dub? I really liked it
Corey's Tatsumi's: I really liked Corey's voice for Tatsumi's.I have only heard Corey in another dub where he was kind of a low voice for the character he voices.So I'm amazed by his voice range
Molly's Akame: It's actually the voice I imagined for Akame,so thumbs up
Allison's Leone:I really liked Allison's voice for Leone.So thumbs up(again)
Christina's Mine:I liked it.I thought it really fitted the character
David's Bulat:Fits the character,he did an amazing job in the emotionally moments.I have only heard David's voice in any dub where he voices a serious character so it was nice to hear him as a character like this
Tyler's Lubbock:I really liked his voice for Lubbock.His voice for Lubbock was the best during the comedy and serious moments.
Jessica's Sheele: I thought it fitted Sheele.Even in the short time she was in the show.She left a good impression on me.
Shelly's Najenda:Again I thought her voice really fitted the character and like with Akame it's the voice I imagined for the character so thumbs up(Again.again)
Ty's Susanoo: Fitted the character,his voice for the comedy moments just made me smile bigger and I'm a big Ty fan sooooooo
Emily's Chelsea:Chelsea is one of my most favorite characters to come out of the series(along with some of the other members of night raid and the Jaegers beside Seryu I don't mind her or anything.I just wanted her to dead,which she did,thank gosh sometimes she was funny and I loved her crazy side sometimes also didn't like Dr.Stylish very much like not at all) and Emily's voice Chelsea was my favorite in the series.So *claps* and her death..oh man I knew it was going to happen but it still made me feel feel
Christine's Esdeath:I think the her voice fits Esdeath really well(wish Christine was still doing dubs,unless she it and I don't know)
Kira's Seryu:Funny story originally I thought she was voiced by Kathleen Barr(yes I know she's in Canada and sentai is located in Texas) but to my surprise she's voiced by Kira.I was surprised by Kira's voice range(I have only heard her as Chaika,Nyu/Lucy,a young version of Yuma and Tenjo) once I found out.I say this a lot but I thought it fitted the character
David's Wave-I really liked David's Wave voice.It's another voice I imagined the character to sound like (It's kind of ironic that David also voices one of my other favorite "villain" characters and I also like the voice he uses for that character)
Chris's Run-Really liked Chris's Run voice from what time he had the character go to talk.Chris nailed it
Juliet's Kurome: Really liked it.In my opinon her voice was at it's best during akame ga theater but she did nail some of the emotionally moments
John's Bols:It's John freaking Swasey.Of course I was impressed and liked his voice the character
Jay's Dr.Stylish:Aaaaa it was good but I was thinking of Tama half of the time he spoke
Other mentions:
Mary as the Prime Honest,Shannon as the Emperor,John as Liver,Clint as Nyau,Christopher as Diadara,Rob as Zanku,Triffany as Koro also Eric as the narrator All get Thumbs up from me.

I don't know if the Japanese version did this but I like how the dub in some of the shorts they added some mentions about how the things ended different in the story for a certain characters.

Did I like the series:Yes,Yes I did (I'm very easy to please and I just happen to like this one.Yes I don't like some anime series.I also love the animation style but I suggest the manga unless you want to want to common across loads and loads of "fans" bashing the series just like how they follow SAO only to bash on it.
said at 8:53 AM on Wed Jun 6 2018
@Amberdoll Forgive my of my mess of a disclaimer and some of the paragraph.

Here's a better Disclaimer:Don't read this if you're going to get all grrr around me actally liking the series and please this turns into a rant mess please I'm not in the mood for it or the anime fandom's anger
said at 3:19 PM on Wed Mar 14 2018
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This show all things considered was a mess and it's honestly just a place for people with a gore fetish. It didn't help that the characters on this show began vanishing faster than the members of Trump's staff which is far from a good thing. Granted I enjoy watching fictional characters I don't care for die, but did it really have to take 24 episodes? Shortening it to twelve would've been way better since it would've just been the same.
The dub is the only somewhat redeemable thing about it besides some of the characters. It was nice to see both Alison Keith and Christine Auten in another show since they hadn't shown up in a while. I also really enjoyed Molly Searcy as Akame and David Wald as Bullet. Not to mention it was nice to see a Sentai dub on Toonami, since the only other show to do so (and I'm probably wrong about this) was Parasyte. However even that doesn't save it from being c---.
said at 2:35 PM on Thu Jan 25 2018
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This show in a nutshell "HEY! Let's kill off every main character expect the waifu because that's all a plot needs! Who cares about strong characters or character building all we need is dead people!"
said at 8:11 PM on Mon Jul 25 2016
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Despite what people may say about the show you have to admit it pretty good dub cast not but for their first show on toonami
said at 7:03 AM on Sun Mar 20 2016
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Having recently finished this show, I can certainly say that it was a chore to sit through; the 24-episode count felt longer for some reason. There was so much wasted potential here. I liked both the animation quality and Taku Iwasaki's score, but couldn't give a crap about anything else in AGK. Characters are bland as cereal boxes, the writing childish, and the contrast between dark seriousness and humor worked against it, tbqh. I would've enjoyed this a bit more if the tongue was planted firmly in cheek.

On a more positive note, Sentai's English dub is very good judging by the first four episodes only; compared to their Guin Saga and Medaka Box ones, it's a welcome case of a Growing the Beard moment for them.
said at 9:26 PM on Sat Mar 5 2016
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This anime is such a big letdown...
said at 9:23 PM on Sun Mar 13 2016
@MammaMia64 A nightmarish letdown....
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