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Super Best Friends Forever

Super Best Friends Forever

Super Best Friends Forever
Production Company: Warner Brothers
Total Shorts: 5
Franchise: DC Universe
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said at 3:16 AM on Sat Jan 12 2013
This is probably my favorite animated... anything to come from 2012. Of any DC Superhero shows I've ever seen, this is probably the most unique. The characters are colorful, and the (very brief) stories are interesting. Plus, the voice performances from Grey, Tara, and Nicole are top notch and very funny (it's interesting to see Grey Delisle explore a new type of character. I forget it's her). I hope to see more of this show, preferably as it's own series (hint hint).

Also, we really need a "favorite" button for shorts.

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"A small series I like from Lauren Faust"

- DanVaverick
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Wonder Girl / Donna Troy
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