Cynthia Cynthia


Short: Pokemon Generations
Franchise: Pokemon


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said at 1:15 PM on Fri Dec 23 2016
A surprisingly underwhelming performance from Tara Jayne here- maybe it's just the lack of enough dialogue, but I didn't care for it at all (although it's at least nice to hear from her again). I prefer her as Ritchie & Jasmine over Cynthia, honestly.

Emily Bauer fits more with what I imagined Cynthia would sound like (and believe me, I don't have good things to say about the DP dub at all).
said at 9:33 AM on Thu Nov 17 2016
I thought whoever did her voice in Generations as brief as it was, was actually pretty solid and showed a lot of promise in the role.

I think it helps that she reminds me of my personal head canon voice for Cynthia which is Nicole Oliver.
said at 11:18 PM on Sat Nov 19 2016
@Autovolt I can hear Nicole Oliver working in the role, though Saffron Henderson is still my top choice. The Generation voice actually sounded quite similar.

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