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Gerald McBoing Boing

Gerald McBoing Boing

Gerald McBoing Boing
Animation Studio: United Productions of America
Production Company: Columbia Pictures
Total Shorts: 4
Franchise: UPA
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said at 10:00 PM on Wed Jan 7 2015
Uh, why is Corey Burton listed here? The first short was released 5 years before he was born, and the last one when he was 1 year old.
said at 4:54 PM on Mon Jul 7 2014
There was an updated version made years ago that used to air on either Cartoon Network or Boomerang. I remember reading that the artist that drew this said that this was one of the hardest things he had to draw, and he'll never do it again. It was a fun show to watch with all the funny sound effects. A few memorable epsidoes involved Gerald getting his dog Burp to sleep, the Quacky Burger restaurant, and grocery shopping.

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