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New Extended Trailer for Star Wars RebelsNew Extended Trailer for Star Wars Rebels

Check out the latest sneak peak for the upcoming Star Wars animated series coming this fall

@ 8:59 AM on Tue Jul 22 2014
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The Book of Life Trailer The Book of Life Trailer

The first trailer for the animated film from Reel FX and 20th Century Fox has been released

@ 7:54 PM on Mon Jun 2 2014
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Lou Ferrignos's Voice added to Age of UltronLou Ferrignos's Voice added to Age of Ultron

The clasic voice of the Hulk will once again be heard in Avengers: Age of Ultron

@ 9:33 PM on Sun Apr 27 2014
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The Jungle Book lines up VoicesThe Jungle Book lines up Voices

Some major star names already attached to the upcoming film

@ 4:05 PM on Sun Apr 27 2014
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First Clip From How To Train Your Dragon 2First Clip From How To Train Your Dragon 2

The first clip from the DreamWorks Animation sequel features Hiccup and Toothless discovering a new territory.

@ 6:17 PM on Thu Mar 27 2014
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Merrie Melodies
  1. Merrie Melodies
    337 characters
  2. Woody Woodpecker
    203 characters
  3. Porky Pig
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  4. Daffy Duck
    165 characters
  5. Loopy De Loop
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  6. Bugs Bunny
    119 characters
  7. Bravest Warriors
    100 characters
  8. Pokemon
    89 characters
  9. Elmer Fudd
    86 characters
  10. Casper, the Friendly Ghost
    73 characters
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Mel Blanc
  1. Mel Blanc
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  2. Daws Butler
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  3. Jack Mercer
    162 Roles
  4. Dallas McKennon
    105 Roles
  5. Billy Bletcher
    94 Roles
  6. Jackson Beck
    66 Roles
  7. June Foray
    64 Roles
  8. Bea Benaderet
    60 Roles
  9. Mae Questel
    60 Roles
  10. Paul Frees
    59 Roles