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The First Trailer Released for The Muppets The First Trailer Released for The Muppets

First trailer for the upcoming ABC series has been released

@ 2:47 PM on Fri May 15 2015
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Harry Shearer Walks Away from Simpsons DealHarry Shearer Walks Away from Simpsons Deal

Veteran voice actor turns down 2-year, 14 million dollar deal according to sources.

@ 2:27 PM on Fri May 15 2015
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Ducktales Cast Not Returning for RebootDucktales Cast Not Returning for Reboot

An all new cast will take on the characters when they return to the small screen

@ 2:19 PM on Fri May 15 2015
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Dwayne Johnson Cast in Disney Animated FilmDwayne Johnson Cast in Disney Animated Film

Dwayne Johnson will lend his singing voice to a new Disney animated film

@ 4:59 PM on Sat Apr 11 2015
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Final Fantasy XV: English Language TrailerFinal Fantasy XV: English Language Trailer

The oft-postponed game reveals its English dub for the first time

@ 9:05 AM on Mon Dec 15 2014
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Biggest Cast of Characters on BTVA
Merrie Melodies
  1. Merrie Melodies
    337 characters
  2. Woody Woodpecker
    203 characters
  3. Porky Pig
    194 characters
  4. Daffy Duck
    165 characters
  5. Loopy De Loop
    124 characters
  6. Bugs Bunny
    119 characters
  7. Bravest Warriors
    100 characters
  8. Pokemon
    99 characters
  9. Elmer Fudd
    86 characters
  10. Casper, the Friendly Ghost
    73 characters
Highest Number of Roles in Shorts
Mel Blanc
  1. Mel Blanc
    874 Roles
  2. Daws Butler
    221 Roles
  3. Jack Mercer
    162 Roles
  4. Dallas McKennon
    105 Roles
  5. Billy Bletcher
    94 Roles
  6. Jackson Beck
    66 Roles
  7. June Foray
    65 Roles
  8. Bea Benaderet
    60 Roles
  9. Mae Questel
    60 Roles
  10. Paul Frees
    59 Roles