3rd Annual BTVA Anime Awards

Quotes From Voice Actors About BTVA


Robbie Daymond
 I really respect and applaud the job you guys do on your site.
~ Robbie Daymond said on Sep 29 2014 via Facebook Message
Erica Schroeder
 Thank YOU. I am continually amazed at the accuracy and integrity of the site and all of the people who maintain it. I talk about it at cons to let everybody know how amazing it is.

~ Erica Schroeder said on Apr 21 2014 via Email
Dave B Mitchell
 ... I was already aware of your site (we all are), and am a big fan...thanks for reaching out to me. ... (I was impressed that you had my credits for Matt Hazard, I didn't think those had been listed anywhere). ... Thanks, and keep up the good work helping to expose us to a wider audience.
~ Dave B Mitchell said on Mar 20 2014 via Email
Andre Sogliuzzo
 ...and frankly I can't even remember half of what I've done and tracking it down is more than I would ever undertake, so thank you.
~ Andre Sogliuzzo said on Mar 15 2014 via Facebook Message
Holly Fields
 I think it's fantastic that you're doing this site!
~ Holly Fields said on Mar 13 2014 via Facebook Message
Michael J. Gough
 ... thanks for running the very cool BTVA site--I'm sure it takes alot of work and it's much appreciated! ... thanks again
and keep up the good work!
~ Michael J. Gough said on Mar 1 2014 via Email
Kyle Hebert
 Love this site because it's SUPER thorough. Not only a credit list database, but pictures of the characters, too! You can see my latest stuff all the way back to the beginning.
~ Kyle Hebert said on Oct 27 2013 via Facebook
Keith Silverstein
 I just hit 100 credited roles on Behind the Voice Actors! That's a bump in my asking price right?
~ Keith Silverstein said on Oct 24 2013 via Facebook
Kenny James
 Nice to see that goofy picture again! Found this site by accident. I'm flattered that there is someone out there that appreciates the snarling!
~ Kenny James said on Feb 6 2013 via BTVA Comment
Lisa Kaplan
 You guys are doing great!!!! IMDB doesn't even have my credits right. And you DO!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Best of luck to you guys!!!!!

~ Lisa Kaplan said on Sep 6 2012 via Email
Emily Neves
 Andrew and I love BTVA. What you guys do is really cool, and we appreciate it!"

~ Emily Neves
~ Emily Neves said on Aug 16 2012 via Email
Karen Strassman
 I just reached my 100th credited role on BTVA's website. Thanks, BTVA! :)
~ Karen Strassman said on May 25 2012 via Facebook Wall Post
Jennifer Seman
 I was delighted to come across myself on here! Thanks for your support of the work voice actors do.
~ Jennifer Seman said on Apr 14 2012 via Email
Paul Eiding
 I'm biased but, absolutely, prefer Paul to the MacInTalk. Perhaps because I'm Paul. But to be serious for a moment, I honestly prefer a human touch to Perceptor, no matter how obsessed he becomes. It's whats make the Transformers accessible to we humans.
~ Paul Eiding said on Mar 30 2012 via BTVA Comment
Erica Schroeder
 If you want to show your love for Valentines Day, show it on the voice behind the actors website on my page (and/or your other favorite voice actors respective pages). I think the website is wonderful and shows the careers of so many talented voice actors past and present. I commend their efforts and constant work to keep the website accurate and up to date. Enjoy!
~ Erica Schroeder said on Feb 8 2012 via Facebook Wall Post
Bob Carter
 I'm truly honored to be mentioned in the same breath as these guys much less be someone's favorite. :) Thanks so much for your support and consideration! :D
~ Bob Carter said on Feb 2 2012 via BTVA Comment
James Arnold Taylor
 A big thanks to the folks at BTVA you all truly make the art of Voice-Acting stand out and I thank you for taking the time to always do such great stuff for our community! Look forward to the next contest! Blessings to you all, JAT
~ James Arnold Taylor said on Nov 28 2011 via BTVA Comment
James Arnold Taylor
 Great site, great to see so many people with a love for VA and the many incredible performers out there! Best-JAT (In reference to Act Your Voice Out Season 1)
~ James Arnold Taylor said on Nov 14 2011 via BTVA Comment
Jim Cummings
 Thank you guys... you are ssooo kind, I'm semi-speechless. I think it is so sweet of all of you to notice we who live in rooms full of strange sounds and padded walls. (In reference to one of our Top Ten Lists)
~ Jim Cummings said on Nov 9 2011 via Facebook Message
Rob Paulsen
 Thank you! I am humbled to be included in such an auspicious list of not only brilliant men but dear friends. (In reference to one of our Top Ten Lists)
~ Rob Paulsen said on Nov 5 2011 via Facebook Message
Maurice LaMarche
 Thanks, guys! I'm honored! (In reference to one of our Top Ten Lists)
~ Maurice LaMarche said on Nov 5 2011 via Facebook Message
Erica Schroeder
 I am so impressed by this website, it is such an arduous, yet rewarding task Iíd think. It's phenomenal.
I commend you all on this endeavor. If you ever need help finding someone in my circle or have any questions about anything, donít hesitate to ask. Best of luck to you and yours, Erica.
~ Erica Schroeder said on Sep 27 2011 via Email
Cristina Valenzuela
 I love "Behind the Voice Actors" website... they've even added clips from Blazblue on my profile!

Thanks for making me one of the top 20 VO artists of the week on BTVA guys!
~ Cristina Valenzuela said on Sep 24 2011 via Facebook Status
Brian Jepson
 I haven't heard the other guys' performances as Felix, but I had a lot of fun recording it! I feel honored to have worked on a character that none other than Freddy Krueger himself voiced. Doing crazy villain voices is a heck of a lot of fun. Of course, I also loved doing Joe the Condor on Gatchaman and that's pretty much my normal voice, only slightly more pissed off!
~ Brian Jepson said on Jul 22 2011 via BTVA Comment
Brian Jepson
 Hello, Brian Jepson here. It's been a while since I recorded the voice for UltraHumanite, but as I recall, I didn't get much to work with scriptwise. I had a lot more fun with Felix Faust. Thanks for the critique!
~ Brian Jepson said on Jul 22 2011 via BTVA Comment
Zack Hoffman
I just wanted to thank you for the nice words you had about my work as Zartan on the GI Joe series.
all the best
Zack Hoffman
~ Zack Hoffman said on May 12 2011 via BTVA Contact Page
Stephen Stanton
 Thanks guys for all the work you do here and on your website for voice actors everywhere. It's much appreciated by all of us....MTFBWY
~ Stephen Stanton said on May 8 2011 via Facebook Post
Paul Eiding
 Having a great time perusing the page. Fun stuff. Thanks!
~ Paul Eiding said on Apr 28 2011 via Facebook Post
Eddie Frierson
 It's Eddie here. I had a blast working on FIGHTING SPIRIT with Richard Epcar!
~ Eddie Frierson said on Apr 22 2011 via BTVA Comment
Michael Schwartz
 It's been fun getting the full-fledged voice actor treatment on this site. Whatever I got right or wrong about Captain Goto, he was a lot of fun to do--so much fun that I'm going to resist any and all temptations to vote for myself. Keep up the great work!
~ Michael Schwartz said on Mar 18 2011 via BTVA Contact Page
Barry Yandell
 Awesome site guys Great to be reminded what characters I voiced! Thanks!
~ Barry Yandell said on Feb 24 2011 via BTVA Comment
James Keller
 I just found this page... I LOVE IT! Thanks to whomever added me. Please visit my website for more clips and info.
~ James Keller said on Feb 24 2011 via BTVA Comment
Mary McDonald Lewis
 I am so very grateful for your interest in my work!

Thanks a million
~ Mary McDonald Lewis said on Feb 3 2011 via Email
Jamie Marchi
 Wow! Thank you so much for that information! How cool is that?!? BTVA.. you are always impressing me. (in reference to hitting 100 credits)
~ Jamie Marchi said on Jan 21 2011 via Facebook Message
Colleen Clinkenbeard
 Hey! Those who haven't already should check out behindthevoiceactors.com. It's a neat new database!
~ Colleen Clinkenbeard said on Jan 20 2011 via Facebook Post
Jim Miller
 I love your website. Thanks for recognizing the VO artists. We love what we do!
~ Jim Miller said on Jan 17 2011 via BTVA Contact Page
Chris Rager
 I never heard the japanese when I came up with the voice, so I like mine better.
~ Chris Rager said on Jan 17 2011 via BTVA Comment
Travis Willingham
 Troy Baker passed along the link to your website, and I'm amazed at the wonderful collection you have gathered.
~ Travis Willingham said on Dec 6 2010 via BTVA Contact Page
Eric Bauza
 A few months back I blogged about being featured on this REALLY cool website called - www.behindthevoiceactors.com!!! They added me to the list of actors that portrayed one of the most infamous henchmen in animation history - Destro, for my performance in GI JOE: Resolute. Recently, they added me to yet another list for my portrayal of Cobra's badass ninja - Storm Shadow!!! Its a complete honor and privilege to see my name mixed in among the other talented gentlemen that have also had a hand in bringing this great character to life!!!

Take a Listen!!!
~ Eric Bauza said on Aug 2 2010 via blogspot.com
DC Douglas
 No worries @ profile! Voice actors used to be completely anonymous, so folks like you and the other VG fans really have changed the lives of VO actors. I have only gratitude!
~ DC Douglas said on Jul 27 2010 via BTVA Comment
Patrick Fraley
 I love this concept of comparing performances, but I have to say, it was easier for me to do Krang, than those who were requested to to an impression of my choices. That's tougher. I like Bradford's a lot. Also, when I did Krang, he started out of the android, and they wanted a whole lot more "blob" and "undulating" to his performance. The talking backward trick to sound icky was something I picked up at recess in elementary school on the playground. PF
~ Patrick Fraley said on Jul 16 2010 via BTVA Comment
DC Douglas
 I actually like Jacks' voice for this better than mine! And, to be honest, I had no idea my character was black when I walked into the studio. I didn't even know what game it was at the time because it was so hush-hush. The video we had was of blocky animation, too. So, I was kinda surprised to see he was African-American. Regardless, Jack has an awesome voice!
~ DC Douglas said on Jul 15 2010 via BTVA Comment
Josh Keaton
 Great Site!

Thanks for the add, took a look at the site and spent the rest of the night clicking around, searching for all my friends as well as checking out the stuff from my childhood.

I would like to send you a different pic to use for me. Let me know where to send it.


~ Josh Keaton said on Jun 25 2010 via Facebook Message
Duncan Brannan
 Shichiroji was one of the coolest characters I ever had a chance to voice. Christopher Bevins is a passionate, insightful, and enthusiastic director to work with and he did a phenomenal job bringing this show to life in the English dubbing. My favorite scene was Shichiroji's talk with his girlfriend just before Kambei's arrival. We actually voiced that scene separately, but the chemistry was outstanding... like we had done it in the studio together. Great scene!
~ Duncan Brannan said on Jun 11 2010 via BTVA Comment
Greg Baldwin
 I spend far too much time googling myself! I've been pretty hard on my Mako impression as a rule...but hearing the voices side by side...it's not as bad as I thought! It's actually pretty good! Thanks for posting this!
~ Greg Baldwin said on Jun 3 2010 via BTVA Comment
Kyle Hebert
 Hi there!
Just wanted to post here and say you've got a really cool website. Love seeing, reading, and hearing the voice comparisons on all the animation/game roles. Look forward to such a thing for some of my stuff in the future. Thanks for supporting all of us!

Kyle Hebert
-Narrator from Dragonball Z (after Dale Kelley on the Funimation dub)
-Kiba from Naruto
-Aizen from Bleach
-Kamina from Gurren Lagann
-Ryu from Super Street Fighter IV
~ Kyle Hebert said on May 6 2010 via BTVA Forum Post
Bill Ratner
 An honor, good Vox. Finally another spot in the cybersphere where the unseen, the ones with a face for radio and a voice-box in the Pantheon can hang out. We used to spend time in actual v/o studios in the ancient 20th century and drive around like UPS drivers, cursing our way through traffic to get to sessions on time...or at least not more than fifteen minutes late. I asked my agent once, "So how long will this next gig take?" She said, "Oh, five minutes." I showed up at a studio on Sunset Bl., and the producer handed me a five page script, and I said, "Oh, no, my agent said this would be five minutes."
"Yeah," he said, "It's a five minute script. You'll be out of here in an hour."
I was too embarrassed to protest. Needless to say I didn't get hired back.
Leave and learn, I say.
Bill Ratner
~ Bill Ratner said on Apr 14 2010 via BTVA Forum Post
Maurice LaMarche
 Personally, even I like Arthur the best. (in reference to Destro Voice Compare)
~ Maurice LaMarche said on Apr 10 2010 via BTVA Comment
Michael Broderick
 For FF:RotSS, the game developers didn't bring back the original cast... probably to save a little dough.

I'm a fan of Chris Evans, too. Loved his work in the film "Sunshine" and was happy to hear that he got Captain America. I was thrilled to step in for him to voice the Human Torch in the game.

~ Michael Broderick said on Apr 9 2010 via BTVA Comment
Eric Bauza
 A fan of GI JOE: Resolute had recently sent me a link to this cool website... www.behindthevoiceactors.com - This site is fantastic!!! It has hundreds of short audio clips of cartoon characters retro and recent, along with voiceover artist profiles!!! A great tribute site for any fans of animation - it allows you to listen and compare performances of characters, that have been played by numerous actors! I was lucky enough to be added to GI JOE section for my portrayal of DESTRO, along the likes of talented VO artist Maurice LaMarche, and the first person to ever voice the character [and the best in my opinion] Arthur Burghardt!!!
~ Eric Bauza said on Apr 1 2010 via blogspot.com
Sean Schemmel
 I also wanted to say I've seen a lot of crappy voice actor sites, and yours is the only one I've seen that has promise. The sheer volume of sound samples and voice compares is really interesting and cool, and I think you're doing something good for people interested in voice acting...
~ Sean Schemmel said on Mar 18 2010 via Facebook Post
Dave Mallow
 Well, this is what I get for Googling myself! Sometimes even *I* am surprised when certain auditions go on to a booking. . in which case you jump into the booth and do your best. That three others had also voiced this character came as a surprise.
~ Dave Mallow said on Sep 29 2009 via BTVA Comment
Benjamin Diskin
 Hi! My name is Ben. I'm a voice actor and I randomly stumbled onto this site while I was googling Spider-Man stuff. I think this site is really awesome! My favorite thing is the voice compare and how there are pictures and voice samples of the characters associated with the actors instead of just a list of character names. Keep up the good work!
~ Benjamin Diskin said on Aug 4 2009 via BTVA Forum Post
Christopher Corey Smith
 It'll be an honor to be among your ranks. You have a terrific site. Really glad I found it. So nice to see many of my dear friends on board. Keep up the good work.
~ Christopher Corey Smith said on May 24 2009 via BTVA Comment
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