NEWS - Zelda: Breath of the Wild Features Full Voice Acting
Reported by NCZ on Fri Jan 13 2017

At Nintendo's press conference for their new system, Nintendo Switch, last night, they concluded the event with a new trailer at the system's premier title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

In the series's 30-year history, Zelda has been known to stick to tradition in many respects. The games have exclusively featured textual dialogue, with the occasional grunt, yell, or non-verbal expression.

Breath of the Wild is a game that will break new ground for Zelda in numerous respects, and one of the most significant is its inclusion of full voice acting in both English and Japanese. Of course, one tradition will be maintained - hero Link will still be largely silent. Both trailers have been provided below.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches worldwide on March 3, 2017. It will be released simultaneously on both the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U.



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said at 9:18 AM on Tue Feb 21 2017
I just hope the classic green tunic will be present in the game to at least some capacity.
said at 8:19 AM on Tue Jan 24 2017
I kinda like it. Zelda's voice isn't that bad in my opinion and I kinda wish Link finally had his own voice. I'm just so tired of the silent protagonists in video games these days
said at 7:14 PM on Sat Jan 21 2017
Zelda herself sounds weird... I actually say her voices in the old cartoon and CD-I are better
CJ Sims
said at 5:55 PM on Sat Jan 21 2017
I hate to be the downer here, but if that was Zelda's voice... I don't really like it. I always imagined her to have a bit more of a stern voice or maybe an English accent. Just nothing like that.
EPA Deane
said at 11:07 AM on Mon Feb 13 2017
@CJ Sims I've always imagined Georgie Henley's voice for Zelda.
The Ear of One
said at 1:16 PM on Fri Jan 20 2017
kinda strange that they are willing to break so many traditions. but its clear Nintento want to change. dont get me worng I am all for vocie acting, just not so many sotry elements in the story. Is this Links adventure or just a Zelda game with a real life moment that is so popular in video games nowadays.
either way it will be amusing,, jsut so see how diffrent this game is.
said at 7:22 AM on Sun Jan 15 2017
 1 Shout Out!
So on one hand, I'm a Zelda purist (elitist) and think Zelda games should not have VO cuz it's more fun to imagine voices, but I've really liked Nintendo's dubs of Kid Icarus Uprising and Xenoblade X and I'm sure they've probably put some decent cash into the VO so... guess this is a wait and see situation.
said at 11:06 PM on Sat Jan 14 2017
This is certainly unexpected! Sounds good going by both trailers, and the game looks amazing!!
said at 4:29 PM on Sat Jan 14 2017
Um....Aonuma said that voice acting was just for cutscenes though? Or did he say something else..... I'm confused........
said at 8:14 PM on Fri Jan 13 2017
I REALLY want this voice cast list, ASAP. Mainly because who could they have POSSIBLY cast as Ganon for the first fully-canon time he has a voice actor?
said at 10:01 PM on Fri Jan 13 2017
@BlueScarabGuy I always thought James Earl Jones would make a great Ganondorf.
said at 4:42 PM on Sat Jan 14 2017
@BlueScarabGuy The true ganondorf is Takashi Nagasako! well I hope that's his voice in the japanese version at least.....
said at 7:10 PM on Tue Jan 17 2017
@Lionman My head canon English voice for Ganondorf is John DiMaggio. (However, I don't think this game is getting that sort of treatment.) I sort of hope that this dub gets something like a British equivalent of the LA non-union talent pool. Like Xenoblade actually.
said at 11:36 AM on Fri Jan 13 2017
This is very interesting as I have always been a member of the "Should have voice acting" camp regarding the Zelda series for years.

Though I can understand why the idea of Link still being a Silent Protagonist is getting mixed views. While plenty of fans had the mindset of "I can be okay with the game's being voiced as long as Link stays silent" while others are actually mad and accuse Nintendo of chickening by still making Link silent. Though this article says that Link will be "largely" silent. could this mean that Link will at least have a few lines?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:54 AM on Fri Jan 13 2017

i.e. Same way he was largely silent in every other game
said at 10:57 AM on Fri Jan 13 2017
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I really liked the voices for Zelda and the Yeti-Goron. I hope the rest of the voice work is just as good. I'm really interested to see who all they got for this.

And I only watched the English version, which I know is blasphemy because "NYEEH JAPANESE VOICE ACTORS ARE THE ONLY GOOD VOICE ACTORS BLAH!"
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:24 AM on Fri Jan 13 2017

No one has said that?
said at 4:03 PM on Fri Jan 13 2017
@HyperVoiceActing the only voice i think was better in japanese is zelda the english zelda doesn't know how to emote and doesn't have as much energy as the japanese dub listen to her when she's crying in japanese you hear the pain. nintendo of america how could they not learn how to direct a her to give an emotion it's like a female anakin or Kristen Stewart in that regard :( the rest of the voice acting seemed dead on.
said at 4:06 PM on Fri Jan 13 2017
@HyperVoiceActing almost forgot the open your eyes voice is weaker in english too but that's it
said at 7:23 PM on Fri Jan 13 2017
@NCZ - It's moreso prevalent whenever I see people discuss anime dubs.
said at 10:09 AM on Fri Jan 13 2017
My ears may have been playing tricks on me. But I think I heard variety in the accents for the english dub? I was actually REALLY hoping for that tbh
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