NEWS - Young Justice Returns For Season 3
Reported by NCZ on Mon Nov 7 2016

DC animated series Young Justice is back from the dead, with a third season currently in production.

After its premiere in 2010, Young Justice was cancelled in 2013 due to low merchandise sales, disappointing its loyal fanbase. Its receival of a new audience on Netflix, combined with campaigns from devoted fans and original co-creator Greg Weisman, have apparently persuaded Warner Bros. to have a change of heart and allow the show to go on.

Warner Bros. Animation president Sam Register had this to say,

“The affection that fans have had for Young Justice, and their rallying cry for more episodes, has always resonated with us. We are excited to bring the show back for this loyal fanbase and to provide an opportunity for new viewers to discover this excellent series.”

Greg Weisman and fellow creator Brandon Vietti will be back in action for the new episodes. As production has only just begun, no airdate or approximate episode count was given, but fans can rest assured that it's coming.



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said at 8:35 AM on Fri Apr 14 2017
So the Young Justice team is going to work alongside the Justice League
They won't be sidekicks.
They'll be roommates sharing a watchtower
[I'm guessing]
said at 5:49 AM on Mon Jan 30 2017
i hope the original voice cast is returning
said at 9:50 PM on Sat Feb 18 2017
@simander95 it wouldn't surprise me if nearly all the cast came back, since we're getting a few notable reprises in Judas Contract, and a lot of the actors in this are still actively doing voice work.

The unfortunate exception is Miguel Ferrer as Vandal Savage, who will almost certainly be recast.
said at 1:54 PM on Fri Dec 16 2016
Hey NCZ, could you add this to the news section?
said at 5:36 PM on Wed Dec 7 2016
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Finally, I never thought this will happen!
said at 12:57 PM on Sat Nov 26 2016
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After the cliffhanger with Darkseid I'm so excited for this
said at 12:20 PM on Thu Dec 1 2016
While I am exciting to see if they continue with the same story, Weisman made a comment somewhere that, to me, implied it does not matter how many seasons that they create, he will always end every season with a cliffhanger into the next season.

Maybe we will not have to think about that for another five seasons or so, though! *fingers crossed*
said at 1:46 PM on Mon Nov 21 2016
Hallelujah! :-)
said at 4:25 PM on Sun Nov 13 2016
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said at 10:53 PM on Sat Nov 12 2016
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I am so happy about this I can hardly wait to see what awaits in Season 3
said at 7:38 AM on Sat Nov 12 2016
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Plz have open casting!!
said at 10:19 AM on Fri Nov 11 2016
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said at 5:06 AM on Fri Nov 11 2016
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You'd better not be pulling our legs and giving us ANOTHER Teen Titans Go season.
said at 5:35 PM on Fri Nov 11 2016
Here here! For me, TTG turned a great voice cast (and in a way, the original show) into a laughing stock... the same for The Powerpuff Girls. But since they make this sound like a true season three continuation, hopefully there is little room for the show to change much.
said at 5:57 PM on Thu Nov 10 2016
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Good I was hoping it would get revived.
said at 7:58 AM on Thu Nov 10 2016
WOWZERS!!! If we had the fan power to bring back Hey Arnold and Young Justice, then we should do it with other great shows that also deserve to come back too!
said at 8:12 PM on Wed Nov 9 2016
This is great news! I never saw the original show, but I understood that It meant a lot to a lot of people, So I'm happy for them. I'll try to watch it when I get the chance.
said at 7:00 PM on Wed Nov 9 2016
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This is awesome news now if we can just get Green Lantern TAS back in fact can Cartoon Network bring back DC Nation seriously
said at 3:04 PM on Tue Nov 8 2016
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Wait is it gonna air in CN or just go to Netflix?
said at 5:25 PM on Tue Nov 8 2016
Unknown yet.
The Ear of One
said at 1:06 PM on Tue Nov 8 2016
hah???? this is not a hoax.
yippie kay ey, this was a grand wish.

jsut hope people will watch if it really comes back. and the cast wont change that much.
either way I´d should say.
The World may be fallen into despair, but seeing this really lifts myself up. Really hope they do this to other shows too.
said at 1:01 PM on Tue Nov 8 2016
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I honestly didn't think the attempts would revive it, but I'm glad it's back.

At least it makes up for some of the crap we've had this year.
said at 7:24 AM on Tue Nov 8 2016
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My appropriate reaction:
said at 6:50 AM on Tue Nov 8 2016
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Who Actually Saw This Coming?

No really?

I truly thought the bring Young Justice back campaign would never truly work.

But here we are.

Now personally myself I only saw a few episodes and wasn't that impressed but I did feel for most fans who hated that it ended so soon.

I'm happy not only you folks are getting to see the series finale concluded but the Greg Weisman curse has finally been lifted. I can't believe it, at long last one of Greg Wesiman's shows is coming back.

I'd rather this would have been Spectacular Spider-Man or Gargoyles instead but I'll take this.

I also would have loved Transformers Animated to return but I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed.

Most likely Netflix will pick this up but perhaps this could still fit somewhere on the Toonami block?

Either way congrats YJ fans. I think I might give the show another shot now, since I know Weisman was planning on doing Darkseid for Season 3. I'm interested enough in that.
said at 7:23 AM on Tue Nov 8 2016
I cannot go so far as to say, "I saw it coming." That would be a bit of a cheat since there are MANY shows I felt had a CHANCE of coming back, but this has always been one of the strongest and one that I never gave up hope on.

I still have hope for Sym-Bionic Titan, for instance, even if it takes another five years.
said at 10:35 AM on Tue Nov 8 2016

I didn't see it coming, either, though I am glad.
said at 12:57 PM on Tue Nov 8 2016
@Autovolt - I honestly have the exact same thoughts as you, good sir. I'm personally very indifferent toward Young Justice and its comeback, but at the same time I am happy for the fans for getting a proper continuation
Jessica Marra
said at 4:26 AM on Tue Nov 8 2016
HALLELUJAH! Our prayers have been answered! Thank you, Greg Weisman! You're heavensent for reviving this beloved show! XD
said at 2:47 AM on Tue Nov 8 2016
I'm hoping they're given enough resources to go at this all the way.

Season 2 felt more restrained than Season 1, and I remember Greg saying that they wanted to do more (more characters and side arcs like the Marvel/Shazam family) but were held back by time and budget.
said at 10:31 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
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Words cannot express my joy
said at 8:29 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
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This is really exciting to hear. We'll still wait a long while for new episodes, but this is still great.

I hope this makes it more likely for Green Lantern and Beware the Batman to return.
said at 7:12 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
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It's a Thanksgiving miracle!
said at 7:09 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
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Along with Samurai Jack, this is the best entertainment news that I have heard in a long time! Way to go YJ fanbase and Netflix binge-watchers!

Sadly, though, it is going to feel like an eternity until the first episode airs. But we have waited 3 1/2 years for this; I can wait a bit longer.
said at 6:37 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
said at 4:07 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
 2 Shout Outs!
The list of things I have to look forward to in 2017 (I'm assuming?) continues to grow bigger and bigger. Extremely hyped! :)
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:54 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016

If production is just beginning now, then this is probably 2018 at the earliest. The typical cartoon production timeline is often around 2 years from the start of production to airdate (i.e. approximately 1 year for prep work and 1 year for actual episode production, animation, recording etc.) But yeah, the future's looking pretty exciting. All in all at the moment it's not a bad time to be alive.
said at 2:37 PM on Thu Nov 10 2016
@NCZ I was operating under the assumption production was already underway, but I see now I was mistaken. Nonetheless, I'm still excited. It's nice to have some things to look forward to, be it next year or the year after. :)
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:40 AM on Sun Nov 13 2016

Now that I think of it, when they say production it's not really clear if they're talking about "we're working on the scripts" or "we're working on the animation". So I guess we'll see...
said at 3:51 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
That's great news !! When this comes out, it's binge Netflix time :)
said at 3:38 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
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Whoa, they actually did it. That's pretty awesome. Hopefully this is the first of many unjustly prematurely cancelled animated series to return...
said at 3:49 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
@TheVengeanceKnight I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you. This maybe the only show to return.
said at 4:08 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
If only, man. If only...
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:59 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
@vgiannell5 I dunno, I mean, Samurai Jack, Hey Arnold, and FLCL are all coming back. I think Nick are saying they're restarting some other cartoons too. Cartoon revivals seem to be a big thing right now.

It's kind of slow but I think in general it feels like companies are actually starting to finally take note about online campaigns and what the fans (and creators) want.
said at 11:54 AM on Wed Nov 16 2016
@NCZ Does FLCL technically count though, considering it's a Japanese property? & if so, wouldnt we include Dragon Ball Super as well?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:01 PM on Wed Nov 16 2016

American co-production/initiative
said at 4:48 PM on Wed Nov 16 2016
@NCZ Good point. Thank you :)
said at 3:36 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
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Hey, I was promised Marvel week!

Joking, this is great.
said at 3:33 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
 1 Shout Out!
I never thought it would actually work. :0
Shaun Ince
said at 3:26 PM on Mon Nov 7 2016
 1 Shout Out!
Am I dreaming? Is this really happening? :D
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