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NEWS - Videos: DC Universe Online Voices Of The Game
Reported by Michael Nguyen at 2:00 AM on Fri Oct 22 2010
The much anticipated MMORPG DC Universe Online has gone all out in hiring top notch voice talent to take on the roles of their superheroes and supervillains.

What better choice than to pick the voice actors who have had actual experience with these characters.

When thinking of voices for Batman and The Joker, most fans will choose Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, who have rightfully been chosen to reprise their roles in this game.

Lex Luthor on the other hand has been filled by James Marsters, who took on the role in Superman: Doomsday.

Check out what they had to say in these official DC Universe Online videos.

Source: youtube.com

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cdaoey (Guest)
said at 12:41 AM on Sun Oct 24 2010
I know, Kevin has also been friends with fellow actor George Newbern and Tim Daly, and even ploicemen and firefighters loved hiim, for during the 9/11 event, he spoke to them in his favorite quote. this could mean that he had quite a nice story. Besides, I used to see that show.
said at 1:26 AM on Sat Oct 23 2010
i agree elite50, no one does Batman like Kevin... to think hes been doing this for almost 20 years O.o
elitef50 (Guest)
said at 7:18 PM on Fri Oct 22 2010
It's too bad Clancy Brown wasn't cast as Lex. He has a really epic voice.
elitef50 (Guest)
said at 7:16 PM on Fri Oct 22 2010
Kevin Conroy IS THE MAN. Greatest voice of all time. No competition.
said at 6:39 PM on Fri Oct 22 2010
Um at 0:42 to 0:46 ont he 2nd video...

Oh well ya know I can think of one...

CLANCY BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: