NEWS - Netflix's Castlevania Voice Cast
Reported by NCZ on Wed Jun 28 2017

Netflix has revealed the main voice cast for their animated adaptation of Konami's Castlevania.

Since of the release of the original Castlevania in 1986, the series has become one of the most well-known and long-running names in gaming, its plot revolving around the Belmont bloodline of vampire hunters and their neverending fight against the immortal Dracula. Talk of a potential film adaptation has been circulating for years, but those plans have never gone anywhere. This animated series should be the next best thing.

The full voice cast is as follows:

The series is based on the third entry in the series, Dracula's Curse, released for the NES in 1989. Netflix's series will be intended for mature audience, featuring scripts penned by Warren Ellis. The series's teaser trailer, released just last month, is below, giving an idea of what you can expect.

Castlevania premieres on Netflix on July 7. Though no current Castlevania games are announced to be in development, original series producer Koji igarashi is hard at work on next year's Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, which serves as a spiritual successor.



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said at 6:13 AM on Thu Jun 29 2017
No Grant Danasty? :(
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:58 AM on Thu Jun 29 2017

Maybe they're saving him for the second season? They've said that it's actually already in production.
said at 8:06 AM on Mon Aug 21 2017

From the Warren Ellis interview wiki:

"Due to the limited time, Ellis opted to drop Grant Danasty, a pirate character in the game; Ellis noted that besides "the stupid name", he felt the pirate was misplaced in the setting and that the limited run time would not allow him to develop the character fully."
said at 7:39 PM on Wed Jun 28 2017
 6 Shout Outs!
I have yet to hear any of these people but god almighty, Graham McTavish as Dracula sounds awesome.

Considering what I've heard from him in Dante's Inferno I can't wait to see what he does with the part of Dracula. That and Richard Armitage as Trevor is a great choice too.
said at 4:45 PM on Wed Jun 28 2017
 9 Shout Outs!
Loki as Dracula.

I can dig it
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:57 PM on Wed Jun 28 2017
 9 Shout Outs!
If there's anything I love that's being carried over from Lords of Shadow, it's the decision to go with English and Scottish actors. It's PERFECT for a gothic fantasy series like Castlevania with its clearly medieval-Europe inspired setting. Graham McTavish is an awesome choice for Dracula.

Also, man, I can't help but fantasize about other Konami games getting this treatment. If they aren't going to make new games of them, then I'd be totally down for animated Netflix series. Metal Gear, Suikoden, Zone of the Enders, Silent Hill... Wow would that be sweet.
said at 3:03 PM on Wed Jun 28 2017
@NCZ oh man a Silent Hills Netflix series would be amazing.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 3:11 PM on Wed Jun 28 2017

Somebody needs to call Guillermo del Toro, now.
said at 4:46 PM on Wed Jun 28 2017
@NCZ - How about a Bomberman show?
Mr. Kite
said at 5:27 PM on Wed Jun 28 2017
There was a bomberman anime show that came out 15 years ago
said at 7:23 AM on Thu Jun 29 2017
@Mr. Kite Some people don't believe anime is comparable to or worthy of similar respect as Western animation.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:57 AM on Thu Jun 29 2017

I dunno, Bomberman isn't as narrative-driven as the other series so I mean, I gueesss they could just do the standard action-show format but I think the other series seem like they lend themselves more naturally.
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