NEWS - More DuckTales Cast Members Revealed
Reported by NCZ on Sat Jun 10 2017

Woo-ooh! Entertainment Weekly have brought an exclusive look at some of the many eclectic supporting characters in Disney XD's DuckTales reboot, set to premiere this August, almost exactly 30 years after the beloved original series debuted in 1987.

On top of the already-confirmed cast from back in December, the following characters are just some of many that will be encountered by Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby and Scrooge during their adventures in Duckburg. The cast consists of many Disney alumni, well-known comedic actors, and professional voice actors.

It has also been previously announced by Deadline that Hamilton star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda will play the recurring character of eccentric inventor Fenton "Gizmoduck" Crackshell.


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said at 7:19 PM on Fri Jun 30 2017
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This looks better than most of the current reboots. Hopefully it will be as great as the original series.
said at 10:46 AM on Thu Jun 22 2017
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The fact that Gladstone is back and Donald is in it, gives me the feeling that the battle for Daisy is back on again.
virtual revenger
said at 9:13 PM on Sun Jun 11 2017
said at 6:18 PM on Sat Jun 10 2017
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So we now have Reaper as Flintheart. I can dig it XD

Also interesting that Bauza's apparently going to voice all the Beagle Boys. He certainly has the range and flexibility to do it. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing it.

Now the biggest question is, who's gonna be the new Magica DeSpell. I still hope they get Grey Griffin for her
said at 2:03 PM on Sun Jun 11 2017
@HyperVoiceActing To me, Reaper will always be Blooregard Q. Kazoo.
said at 2:14 PM on Sun Jun 11 2017
@immblueversion - I respect that.

I just think Reaper as Flintheart is a funnier visual
said at 3:01 PM on Sat Jun 10 2017
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Paul F. Tompkins as Gladstone and Jim Rash as Gyro are fantastic choices. Personally would've picked someone like Billy Connolly for Flintheart but Keith will probably do a great job as he normally does
said at 2:16 PM on Sun Jun 11 2017
@skeletonking1234 - Ooh, Connolly as Flintheart is a very interesting idea.

What do you think about Craig Ferguson as a potential Flintheart?
said at 2:59 PM on Sat Jun 10 2017
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I love seeing Jim Rash in anything so eff yes

bit odd that they didn't get Brian George to reprise Flintheart but hey, I'm not complaining, I like Keith Ferguson

Margo and Paul taking over from June and Rob respectively - that'll be interesting to see, and I'm excited to see what they can do in the roles (plus I'm guessing they couldn't get Rob because A: he's too busy - in which case, understandable, have a great day - or B: he's prepping/recording for the Animaniacs revival - in which case, understandable, it's gonna be effin' great)
said at 12:57 PM on Sat Jun 10 2017
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So Anselmo returns as Donald? Wonder why he hasn't come back for Mickey and the Roadster Racers.
said at 6:16 PM on Sat Jun 10 2017
@Scrappy-Fan92 - Well with all the stuff Donald's popping in, Anselmo can't record all of it at once
said at 10:47 AM on Thu Jun 22 2017
@HyperVoiceActing But voice actors do most of these stuff in either one day or a few days.
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