NEWS - Kirby Morrow on a new DBZ Kai dub.
Reported by Pokejedservo on Sun Sep 12 2010
According to Daizenshuu EX, the latest episode of the podcast series Voiceprint from Vancouver VA Trevor Devall where he talks with plenty of other voice talent. (Usually its from fellow VA talent from Vancouver but occasionally has something different like Kyle Hebert) but in the 26th episode Kirby Morrow reveals that there will be a Canadian English dub of DBZ Kai. Not much else is known so far but so far we know that according to Kirby Morrow it will be done by a different company and that they are not interested in having him reprise the role.

I like Kirby Morrow but he wasn't the best casting choice for Goku but this does make one wonder whom will be Goku in that dub then. For a while the idea of this dub ever going to exist is a cause of speculation (the only reason why anyone thought it might be true is because for some reason The Ocean Group is mentioned in the credits of the Nicktoons showing of the FUNi dub of DBZ Kai.) While FUNi voice talent such as Chris Sabat and Sean Schemmel have mentioned this before now that someone whom does work with Ocean Group has mentioned this now it looks a little bit more likely huh? However the only thing we know now is that Kirby Morrow won't be reprising his role as Goku.
Source: Trevor Devall's Voiceprint Podcast series


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said at 3:27 PM on Tue Sep 14 2010
Sorry for any misunderstanding there Jackson and as for you penguintruth I suppose I can understand what you mean but to be honest I am not complaining. I suppose the reason why this dub will be made is for the same reason why the previous EuroCanadian "Ocean Dub" was made. (Except that this time it will actually be released on DVD which does make me wonder if this dub might not be "Edited TV version" only now I know I can't confirm that but still.)

But then again I have always been a fan of Ocean Group namely a good amount of the Voice talent and I do find it sad that they don't appear in productions like Anime English dubs all that often anymore. They still do appear every now & then in work such as Death Note and Gundam 00 and I know there is at least the upcoming Inuyasha Final Act. I do understand that this will probably will bring back the "FUNi Vs. Ocean" debates but at least the voice talent in Vancouver will still be able to get a bit more work. Don't get me wrong I like the other regions of course but while I do wish that they will get to be in productions at least a little more often.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 11:50 PM on Sun Sep 12 2010
I guess Moneca Stori isn't voice acting anymore and that's why there's a new voice. Kind of how like Funimation phased out some of the former cast for Kai (e.g. Stephanie Nadolny, Bradford Jackson).

I see you're confused about my comment regarding FUNi mentioning Ocean for the dub of Kai.

Well man you should watch what you write more carefully. I only brought it up cause it's in the news you posted. :P

"For a while the idea of this dub ever going to exist is a cause of speculation (the only reason why anyone thought it might be true is because for some reason The Ocean Group is mentioned in the credits of the Nicktoons showing of the FUNi dub of DBZ Kai)."
said at 11:31 PM on Sun Sep 12 2010
Inspired? Wait why would FUNi even mention Ocean if they had absolutely nothing to do with the dub of DB Kai? I have seen the credit listing in the Nicktoons showing of the series (but I have only seen it on TV at a different home so no I don't have a screencap. I suppose we'd have to wait until someone has recorded a showing of the series on Nicktoons TV).

So this dub of the show will be on DVD in Europe and Canada? That's an interesting surprise especially considering on how the earlier EuroCanadian dubs of the DB trilogy were TV-showing only IIRC. This and to a lesser extent the fact that Kirby Morrow won't be reprising his role as Goku (but is probably still in the show) does at least make it seem like this dub won't be done exactly like how the previous EuroCanadian dub will be.

But here is a question since apparently this dub won't be "edited TV showing only" could there actually be an uncut version as well? Alright yes I will admit that it is possible that they could make the DVD releases be "Edited TV Showing" only but still. But I suppose its too soon to tell offhand however I do agree that its quite possible that Kirby Morrow is most likely still in the cast but who knows whom he will be voicing. (One role that comes to mind would be Future Trunks but thats just guessing on my part.)

I suppose we would have to wait until we got more info on this but this does shed some interesting light on the subject here. Oh yeah and on Inuyasha Final act yeah I surprised by the fact that this new girl Kira will be taking over the role of Kagome. But I will give these upcoming replacements a chance once this dub will finally be out.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 9:28 PM on Sun Sep 12 2010
Do you mean Ocean is physically doing the editing for Funimation's broadcast version?

Or the edits are "inspired" by Ocean's old DBZ version?
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 7:49 PM on Sun Sep 12 2010
I've known about this for some time but didn't post it cause there are still details that don't make sense.

e.g. Morrow said this would also be released on DVD in Europe (obviously) but also on DVD in Canada.

Funimation's version is already being sold here in Canada (I own Part 1 & 2) so are there going to be 2 different versions sold in stores and online?

I can understand European countries because that's a different Region code but selling it in Canada (same Region as U.S.) where Funimation's version has already had a "head start" doesn't seem like good business.

Especially if the rumors of music replacement and edits are true. Less unappealing for the "hardcore" type fans.

These are also some other things I've seen from other posters.

Morrow wasn't brought back because he made Goku sound "too cool" (no joke apparently).

But he did show up to auditions (maybe a new character for him?)

There were also other things in the podcast

e.g. Morrow is reprising Miroku in InuYasha: The Final Act

Michael Daingerfield is the new voice for Sesshomaru.

And although not mentioned in the podcast apparently in an email between Michael and a fan Moneca Stori isn't playing Kagome anymore but Kira Tozer.

Btw where did you see "Ocean Productions" in the Nicktoons credits?

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