NEWS - Kiefer Sutherland On Playing Snake
Reported by Foxwolf on Fri Feb 7 2014

IGN had the opportunity to talk to Kiefer Sutherland about taking on the role of Snake in the Metal Gear video game series in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V titles.

Sutherland talked about what he was asked to bring to the table in terms of the voice and described the advanced techniques and realism used in the motion capture process.

Here are the quotes from IGN:

"Oh man, that's been a gig and a half! I've been working on that for over a year."

"You know, I've got, like, 50 metal dots on my face, 50 cameras recording my every facial movement," Sutherland said of the process of making the game. "The process and the technology and what I have to go through just to do a line, and what the engineers and technicians have to do, it's unbelievable. But then when I saw it... There was a guy who was applying the dots and was just in charge of that part, and he was making his own game; he's some technical wizard, and this game is supposed to be really cool. But they were showing us some stuff that they had just finished in Japan, and they were showing it back to us. It was this one little clip that's final, final, final, and it's me on a horse. I'm riding the horse, and then I go from a run to a lope to a walk, and then standing still. I don't know a lot about games, so I'm watching it, and the guy who's watching it with me goes, 'Oh my God. Your ears moved.' Then he was looking at the throat, and he said, 'You can see the pulse.' I mean, it was so real, and all I kept thinking was, 'This is how they're going to make movies soon.' They're halfway there now, you know, but they're going to make films like this. This is not far off. "

Sutherland said, of Snake, "The character is one of the few things that they say is, "Lower!" He then affected just such a raspy voice, looking at me as he asked, in Snake style, "What are you gonna do?" Sutherland added, with a laugh, "I'm talking, and I start sounding like Tom Waits. But I've really enjoyed it, and they're really good people."



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said at 11:50 PM on Sun Feb 9 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
Might as well point out he's playing Naked Snake. Not Solid Snake.
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 12:04 AM on Mon Feb 10 2014
@PacoSlimee thanks, typing Solid is a force of habit of mine. Titled updated.
said at 2:24 AM on Mon Feb 10 2014
@Foxwolf & @PacoSlimee Actually, at this particular point in time, Naked Snake has finally accepted his title of Big Boss.
He accepted it at the very end of Peace Walker right before the credits started rolling.

No offense, guys. But I win via techniception (a technicality within a technicality).
said at 5:56 PM on Mon Feb 10 2014
@MilanTheVillain01 He's also called "Punished Snake" at this point.
said at 1:06 AM on Tue Feb 11 2014
@Anon Well played, Mr. Anon, my good sir! Well played!!
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