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Reported by Foxwolf on Wed Jul 27 2016

Uproxx caught up with actor Keith David, in a lengthy interview covering many aspects of his on-camera television and film career, while also briefly chatting about his extensive experience in voice acting.

David talked about his fascination with voice overs as far back as when he was a kid, and his favorite voice acting roles.

Uproxx: You've secured almost as much work just from your voice as you have in front of the camera. Was there a certain point when you realized that you could actually make a living as a voice actor or narrator?

David: Well, I was always fascinated by voice acting. As a kid, Wild Kingdom was one of my favorite shows, and I listened to a lot of those episodes. And absolutely adored Percy Rodriguez, Ossie Davis, James Earl Jones, William Conrad, John Forsythe, Lorne Greene... These guys were my heroes, because you'd listen to those voices, and the way they would narrate was fascinating. They made you want to listen. They made you interested in what they were talking about, but at the same time, they weren't talking at you. It wasn't soliciting you necessarily, but it did woo you into being interested in whatever they were talking about, and it made you want to go find out more on your own. And that's what I wanted to do.

Uproxx: Do you have a favorite voice acting job? Either in animation or in narration.

David: Oh, I have a few. Gargoyles and Spawn were two of my favorite animated series. Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog) is one of my favorite characters. I did a thing called Lions of Darkness for National Geographic. And (Ken Burns') Jazz remains one of my very, very favorites. You know, all of those documentaries I've done for Ken. I really loved doing Mark Twain and Jack Johnson. And the latest one was Jackie Robinson. They're always so wonderfully, impeccably written, and the visuals… He just does phenomenal things. So it's more than just a pleasure working for him, because - again - I learn something, and I think ultimately you learn something that you didn't know. Sometimes in a documentary a danger point is, you don't really learn anything that you didn't already know. They just go along without saying anything. With Ken, I think you always find out something that you didn't know, no matter how well versed you are in the subject.

For the full interview about his on-camera roles, head over to the source below.

Source: Uproxx


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said at 10:00 AM on Wed Aug 31 2016
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I am glad that one of his favorite roles is Goliath. I would have been rather disappointed if it was not. That role is what turned me on to him.
said at 8:19 PM on Thu Aug 4 2016
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Good to know Keith enjoys working on those Ken Burns films about as much as I enjoy viewing them.
said at 4:26 PM on Thu Jul 28 2016
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Good old Keith David. The way he says "mother****er" is legendary.