NEWS - First Trailer for The Magic School Bus Rides Again
Reported by NCZ on Wed Sep 6 2017

Netflix just premiered the first trailer for their upcoming reboot of the beloved mid-90s kids' show, The Magic School Bus.

Titled The Magic School Bus Rides Again, the series will see legendary funnywoman Lily Tomlin return to reprise her role as the seemingly-omnipotent Ms. Frizzle, who passes the keys onto her younger sister, Kate McKinnon's Fiona Frizzle. Liz, as ever, will be silent. Though the kids are seemingly all the same as the original, they'll likely be voiced by new actors. Finally, the series boasts a revamped, yet faithful theme song, performed by who else but Lin-Manuel Miranda.

View the trailer right down below.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again premieres September 29, 2017 on Netflix.



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said at 5:34 PM on Sat Sep 30 2017
I saw the first episode. And it talks about the ecosystem.
said at 5:33 PM on Sat Sep 30 2017
Okay I just watched the first season. I'll reserve my full review of it by the time the page is set up.
said at 8:00 PM on Sun Sep 24 2017
I'm just gonna skip this honestly. It's just gonna be another "MUH CHILDHOOD DESTROYED" sort of thing. I loved the original and all. I just really don't care.
said at 9:51 PM on Mon Sep 18 2017
According to Stuart Stone (Ralphie from the classic series), some of the original voice actors will also be returning.
said at 9:55 PM on Mon Sep 18 2017
@thomwim I'm not going to give the animation a beatdown, but the character redesigns remind me of what happened with the "Backyard Sports" computer games.
said at 4:35 PM on Thu Sep 14 2017
They said it was gonna be CGI. They must have gotten cold feet and decided to play it cheap by using Flash instead.

God, it sickens me how much people value money over quality these days.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:32 AM on Fri Sep 15 2017

Flash is a type of CGI.
said at 2:05 PM on Mon Sep 25 2017
@NCZ an even worse type of CGI
said at 2:18 AM on Wed Sep 27 2017
@NCZ Actually, this is rigged or 'puppet' animation, not flash. Rigged animation is taking a model and moving the limbs while recording, like a puppet. Flash is usually hand drawn! Flash is in reference to the program Adobe Flash, which i believe can't do rigged/puppet animation.
Maniacal Hero
said at 2:30 AM on Sat Dec 23 2017
@NCZ everyone associates CGI with 3D rather than 2D
said at 2:27 PM on Wed Sep 13 2017
It all looks way too tame. The way Ms. Frizzle was designed by Nelvana there was just a hint of insanity behind her face. Here she looks so down-to-earth I'm not sure even Lily would be able to bring it out.
said at 9:50 AM on Sat Sep 9 2017
 1 Shout Out!
oh no..... ohhhh noooooo
said at 6:02 PM on Sat Sep 9 2017
@AsianRambo38 Try to be patient. I know it's not what others thought it would, but try to take chances. Make mistakes. Think positive.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:46 PM on Sun Sep 10 2017

Get messy.
said at 3:40 PM on Sun Sep 10 2017
@NCZ I know.
Sometimes they say it other ways.

Like "Get melted", "Get eaten" or anything else like that.
said at 3:43 PM on Sun Sep 10 2017
Anyway, my point is to try to give it a chance and think positive. Perhaps there are some funny scenes.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:02 PM on Sun Sep 10 2017

I know. Was just playing along.
said at 5:07 PM on Fri Sep 8 2017
This has high expectations from everyone (including myself). I just hope it can meet them, because if not it'll become as despised as the new PPG or Ben Ten. If it does however, I will be very happy. However what is with that animation? Did they blow the budget on getting Kate Mckinnon and Lin Manuel Miranda? Because that would explain why it's so cheap...
said at 12:53 AM on Fri Sep 8 2017
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Fun fact! you can actually make rigged animation look GOOD. They didn't even try at least. Not to mention that the models are all the same bases for the kids just with different hair and skin tones.
said at 9:46 PM on Thu Sep 7 2017
The theme song is great. But yes the animation is looking stiff (not the original was a hallmark in that regard).
said at 6:59 PM on Thu Sep 7 2017
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GoAnimate: The Series
Stare at the Sun
said at 2:45 PM on Thu Sep 7 2017
Absolutely awful looking. Worse than the new Tom and Jerry show and Arthur.
said at 7:44 AM on Thu Sep 7 2017
I love how most reboots have cheaper animation, like they don't care about looking good.
said at 1:44 PM on Thu Sep 14 2017
@Ghosty404 They know they'll get watched anyway because of the nostalgia.
said at 4:46 AM on Thu Sep 7 2017
Wow the animation looks pretty awful, cheap and nasty.
Let's hope the writing itself makes up for it.
said at 10:00 PM on Wed Sep 6 2017
I don't know about Kate McKinnon as Felicity Frizzle, and I don't think Lori Tomlin herself as aged well for the original Friz either; plus the animation looks rather cheap, as is the main theme song. But regardless it does look like a fun return of a classic series.
said at 9:01 PM on Wed Sep 6 2017
The animations looks kinda stiff and sterile but I'll give it a shot, hopefully the kids can work as well as the original.
said at 7:34 PM on Wed Sep 6 2017
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Before anyone comments, make sure none of you jump on the negative occasion too quickly.

Try to start with "In my opinion", then say what your opinion is. Please.

I know reboots are different than the originals, but at least try to be patient and think positive.
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