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NEWS - FUNimation Announces 3 New Dub Casts
Reported by Michael Nguyen at 12:55 PM on Fri Aug 6 2010
English Dub Cast of Black Butler

The cast:

CIEL - Brina Palencia
SEBASTIAN - J. Michael Tatum
ABBERLINE - Jonathan Brooks
AGNI - Patrick Seitz
ANGELA - Colleen Clinkenbeard
ASHE - Chuck Huber
BARDROY - Ian Sinclair
CORRARO - Bruce DuBose
DROSSEL - Sonny Strait
DRUIT - Todd Haberkorn
ELIZABETH - Cherami Leigh
FINNIAN - Jason Liebrecht
GRELL - Daniel Fredrick
HAROLD - Newton Pittman
LAU - Jerry Jewell
MATILDA - Leah Clark
MEI LIN - Monica Ria
MR. TANAKA - R. Bruce Elliot
PAULA - Jessica Cavanagh
PLUTO - Z. Charles Bolton
RACHEL - Brina Palencia
RANDALL - John Gremillion
SOMA - Chris Ayres
UNDERTAKER - John Swayze
VINCENT - Robert McCollum

English Dub Cast of Phantom - Requiem for the Phantom

The cast:

ABEL - Mike McFarland
ANTON - Eric Vale
CAL - Brittney Karbowski
CARLO - Ian Sinclair
CLAUDIA - Colleen Clinkenbeard
DUKE - Maxey Whitehead
EIN - Lindsay Seidel
GODO - Phil Parsons
HIRONO - Megan Miller
JUDY - Ginneh Thomas
LIZZIE - Shay Moore
MCGWIRE - J. Michael Tatum
MIO - Leah Clark
MOTEGI - Todd Haberkorn
RANDY - Christopher R. Sabat
REIJI - Newton Pittman
RICHARD - Robert McCollum
SANAE - Jamie Marchi
SCYTHE - Kent Williams
SHIGA - Christopher Bevins
TONY - Mark Stoddard
WALLACE - Bryan Massey
WISEMEL - Rick Keeling
XU - Jerry Jewell

English Dub Cast of Oh! Edo Rocket

The cast:

AKAI - Chuck Huber
ANKLES - Mike McFarland
ARMS - Jeremy Inman
BLUE GIRL - Colleen Clinkenbeard
EARS - Anthony Bowling
EYES - J. Paul Slavens
GENZO - Chris Cason
GENZO'S MOTHER - Melinda Wood Allen
GINJIRO - Jonathan Brooks
HEELS - Newton Pittman
KNEES - Justin Cook
OISE - Stephanie Young
OLD MAN - Steve Powell
ONUI - Tia Ballard
ORIKU - Trina Nishimura
ROKUBE - Sonny Strait
ROKUBE'S WIFE - Laurie Steele
SANTA - Charlie Campbell
SEIKICHI - Greg Ayres
SHINZA - Sean Michael Teague
SHUNPEI - Cherami Leigh
SORA - Brina Palencia
TENHO - Leah Clark
TENTEN - J. Michael Tatum
TETSUJU - Vic Mignogna
TORII - R Bruce Elliott
TOYAMA - Ian Sinclair
Source: animeradius.com

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purplewarrior (Guest)
said at 7:28 PM on Fri Aug 6 2010
Pretty cool casts!

@CatsTuxedo It would be extremely expensive to use actors like Tara Strong, Grey Delisle, etc. Plus they live in California. Funi Studios is in Texas.

@ShadowHawk 99.9% of Funi produced dubs are recorded in-house in Dallas, TX. I can name only 3 that weren't.
Shadow Hawk
said at 4:53 PM on Fri Aug 6 2010
by the looks of these names, these shows are much likely to be done in Texas
CatsTuxedo (Moderator)
said at 2:15 PM on Fri Aug 6 2010
I see cast fatigue is still very much rampant when it comes to Funimation productions :| I'm itching for new names already (or at least VAs who don't usually do anime, let alone for Funi).
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:15 PM on Fri Aug 6 2010
Looks like a pretty all-star cast! The art for these shows looks impressive as well. I don't get much of a chance to watch anime anymore, but I give my props to Funimation for providing more quality dubs.