NEWS - DC Universe Online Official Voice Cast
Reported by Jackson_H on Wed Jan 26 2011
Some characters and their VAs have been known for some time but here's the entire cast (major and minor) of DC Universe Online.

Alan Scott (Green Lantern) - Jason Phelps
Amanda Waller - Debra Cole
Ambush Bug - Tracy W. Bush
Aquaman - Jens Andersen
Arkillo - Shannon McCormick
Bane - E. Jason Liebrecht
Batgirl - Mindy Raymond
Batman - Kevin Conroy
Batwoman - Christina J. Moore
Beast Boy - Josh Meyer
Bizarro - Joe Mandia
Black Adam - Alexander Brandon
Black Canary - Kelley Huston
Black Lightning - Alexander Brandon
Booster Gold - Tracy W. Bush
Brainiac - Corey Burton
Brother Blood - Ev Lunning
Brother Eye - Ken Thomas
Calculator - Tracy W. Bush
Captain Atom - Joe Mandia
Captain Boomerang - Shanon Weaver
Captain Cold - Ryan Wickerham
Captain Marvel - Shannon McCormick
Catwoman - Kelley Huston
Chang Tzu - Ev Lunning
Cheetah - Adrienne Mischler
Circe - Michelle Forbes
Clayface - Benjamin Jansen
Commissioner Gordon - Ken Webster
Cyborg - Alexander Brandon
Deathstroke - Tracy W. Bush
Donna Troy - Deena Hyatt
Doomsday - Benjamin Jansen
Dr Sivana - Matt Hislope
Dr. Fate - Robert Newell
Dr. Psycho - Robert Matney
Echo - Jodi Jinks
Eclipso - E. Jason Liebrecht
Etrigan - Christopher S. Field
Felix Faust - Brian Jepson
Fire - Shawn Sides
Giganta - Lana Lesley
Gorilla Grodd - Jens Andersen
Green Arrow - David Jennison
Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) - Aaron Mace
Harley Quinn - Arleen Sorkin
Harvey Bullock - Ed Neal
Hawkgirl - Lana Lesley
Hawkman - E. Jason Liebrecht
Heatwave - David Jennison
Huntress - Claire Hamilton
Hush - Shanon Weaver
Isis - Samantha Inoue Harte
Jack Ryder - Leif Anders
Jeremiah Arkham - David Jennison
John Stewart (Green Lantern) - Ken Thomas
Joker - Mark Hamill
Jonathan Kent - Brandon Young
Killer Croc - Ed Neal
Killer Frost - Christina J. Moore
Kilowog - Charlie Campbell
Lana Lang - Lorrie Singer
Lex Luthor - James Marsters
Lois Lane - Adrienne Mischler
Lucius Fox - Leif Anders
Mad Hatter - Aaron Mace
Maggie Sawyer - Lorrie Singer
Major Force - Alexander Brandon
Martha Kent - Diane Perella
Martian Manhunter - Dwight Schultz
Metallo - Ryan Wickerham
Mirror Master - Brandon Young
Monsieur Mallah - Leif Anders
Mr. Freeze - Robert Kraft
Nightwing - Joey Hood
Oracle - Kathy Catmull
Parasite - Robert Faires
Penguin - David Jennison
Pete Ross - Mike Smith
Poison Ivy - Cyndi Williams
Power Girl - Adrienne Mischler
Queen Bee - Cyndi Williams
Query - Ellie McBride
Raven - Adrienne Mischler
Red Tornado - Joe Mandia
Riddler - Shannon McCormick
Robin - Wil Wheaton
Sarah Charles - Lorrie Singer
Scarecrow - Christopher S. Field
Sinestro - Robert Kraft
Skeets - Shanon Weaver
Solomon Grundy - David Jennison
Starfire - Adrienne Mischler
Steel - Ken Thomas
Supergirl - Adrienne Mischler
Superman - Adam Baldwin
T.O. Morrow - Jens Andersen
Talia - Ellie McBride
The Brain - Leif Anders
The Flash (Barry Allen) - Dwight Schultz
The Flash (Jay Garrick) - Ryan Wickerham
The Spectre - Robert Kraft
The Ultra-Humanite - Brian Jepson
Toyman - Matt Hislope
Trigon - Joe Mandia
Two-Face - Ed Neal
Ursa - Adrienne Mischler
Veronica Cale - Debra Cole
Vicki Vale - Lorrie Singer
Weather Wizard - Brandon Young
Wildcat - Ken Webster
Wonder Girl - Mindy Raymond
Wonder Woman - Gina Torres
Zatanna - Claire Hamilton
Zod - Alexander Brandon
Zoom - Robert Dieke

Ace Factory Thugs - Ben Wolfe
Ace Factory Thugs - Charlie Campbell
Ace Factory Thugs - Chris Loveless
Ace Factory Thugs - Doug Taylor
Ace Factory Thugs - Karen Welford
Ace Factory Thugs - Mike Smith
Advertisement Voices - Ben Wolfe
Advertisement Voices - Cyndi Williams
Amazons - Karen Welford
Amazons - Leah Bowers
Arena Announcer - Shawn Sides
Atlanteans - Ben Wolfe
Atlanteans - Ev Lunning
Atlanteans - Karen Welford
Atlanteans - Kathy Catmull
Atlanteans - Mike Smith
Bane Thugs - Ben Wolfe
Bane Thugs - Mike Smith
Batcave Security Robots - Ben Wolfe
Black Adam Priest - Mike Smith
Brainiac's Robots - Alex Keller
Brainiac's Robots - Charlie Campbell
Brainiac's Robots - Lowell Bartholomee
Brother Blood's Cult - Alex Keller
Brother Blood's Cult - Doug Taylor
Brother Blood's Cult - Karen Welford
Cadmus Troops - Ben Wolfe
Cadmus Troops - Karen Welford
Circe's Bestiamorphs - Ben Wolfe
Circe's Bestiamorphs - Mical Trejo
Circe's Bestiamorphs - Mike Smith
Civilians - Alex Keller
Civilians - Ben Wolfe
Civilians - Cyndi Williams
Civilians - Josh Meyer
Civilians - Karen Welford
Civilians - Leah Bowers
Civilians - Mike Smith
Demons - Jodi Jinks
Eclipso's Shadowmen - Jason Phelps
Eclipso's Shadowmen - Karen Welford
Exobyte UI Voices - Karen Welford
Exobyte UI Voices - Tracy W. Bush
Falcone's Thugs - Alex Keller
Falcone's Thugs - Ben Wolfe
Falcone's Thugs - Mical Trejo
Faust's Magents - Alex Keller
Faust's Magents - Deena Hyatt
Faust's Magents - Leah Bowers
Faust's Magents - Robert Faires
Freeze's Goons - Benjamin Jansen
Freeze's Goons - Mike Smith
Green Lantern Corps -Ben Wolfe
Green Lantern Corps - Mike Smith
Green Lantern Corps - Robert Matney
Green Lantern Corps - Shawn Sides
Grodd's Gorillas - Lowell Bartholomee
Grodd's Gorillas - Mike Smith
Guards - Aaron Mace
Guards - Alex Keller
Guards - Mike Smith
Guards - Mike Smith
HazMat Worker - Christopher S. Field
Hive Drones - Alex Keller
Hive Drones - Robert Matney
Joker's Goons - Ben Wolfe
Joker's Goons - Charlie Campbell
Joker's Goons - Doug Taylor
Joker's Goons - Leah Bowers
Joker's Goons - Mike Smith
LexCorp Troops - Debra Cole
LexCorp Troops - Mike Smith
LexCorp Troops - Robert Newell
Mad Hatter's Henchmen - Matt Hislope
Manhunters - David Jennison
Mutants - Mike Smith
OMACs - Ben Wolfe
Parasite's clones - Lowell Bartholomee
Poison Ivy's minions - Josh Meyer
Poison Ivy's minions - Mike Smith
Police - Alex Keller
Police - Ben Wolfe
Police - Claire Hamilton
Police - Jason Phelps
Police - Jodi Jinks
Police - Joey Hood
Police - Kelley Huston
Police - Mike Smith
Police - Shawn Sides
Prisoners - Aaron Mace
Prisoners - Ben Wolfe
Prisoners -Mike Smith
Robots - Alex Keller
Robots - Mike Smith
Robots - Robert Deike
Scarecrow's Goons - Lowell Bartholomee
Scarecrow's Goons - Mical Trejo
Scarecrow's Goons - Mike Smith
Scientists - Alex Keller
Scientists - Brandon Young
Scientists - Chris Loveless
Scientists - Christina J. Moore
Scientists - Deena Hyatt
Scientists - Leah Bowers
Scientists - Mindy Raymond
Scientists - Robert Deike
Sentinels of Magic - Brian Jepson
Sentinels of Magic - Lana Lesley
Sinestro Corps - Ellie McBride
Sinestro Corps - Ken Webster
Sinestro Corps - Mike Smith
Spectre's Possessed - Charlie Campbell
Spectre's Possessed - Karen Welford
Ultra-Humanite's Gorillas - Alex Keller
Watchtower Security - Chris Loveless
Zombies - Charlie Campbell
Zombies - Kathy Catmull
Zombies - Mike Smith
Zombies - Samantha Inoue Harte


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said at 11:48 PM on Wed Feb 23 2011
Where was this recorded? If I can guess it was some California, and some Texas?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:37 PM on Thu Feb 24 2011
@PurpleWarrior13 Yeah, that's it; looks like they got LA talent for big names (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.) and the rest are all from Austin. I suppose it was convenient for them, since that's where the developers are located.
said at 9:24 PM on Fri Feb 4 2011
Ok, this sounds weird but I heard Hawkgirl and Hawkman's voices right after I posted that. Only took me a 1 min to find a video of them on youtube. And I have to say, i am disappointed. Hawkman sounds like a serial killer, no joke. And Hawkgirl... well thats what she sounds like, a girl. a little girl. Personally I wouldve LOVED if Maria Canals reprised her role! I hope the rest of the voices are better
said at 9:20 PM on Fri Feb 4 2011
@acer LMAO EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS! XD I have to say Im a little disappointed that I cant hear some voice actors reprise their titular roles, but hopefully these guys dont sound too bad... I havent heard them yet
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:34 AM on Tue Feb 1 2011
Well, I know that Ed(win) Neal played Eggman in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (and in live-action, the hitchhiker in Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Claire Hamilton and Ellie McBride were Anna and Nina respectively in Tekken: The Motion Picture.

This game seems to have been developed in Austin, Texas, so it makes sense that they'd use local voice actors. Unfortunately, most voice actors there don't get much work (however, some have worked for ADV in the past), so I guess that adds to so many voice actors being unfamiliar.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 1:04 AM on Mon Jan 31 2011
Besides the names you mentioned the only others I recognize are:

Jason Liebrecht
Brian Jepson
Charlie Campbell
Samantha Inoue Harte
Shanon Weaver
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