NEWS - Animaniacs Revival Coming to Hulu
Reported by NCZ on Thu Jan 4 2018

One of the most beloved animated series of the 1990s, Animaniacs, is being revived on Hulu with a two-season order.

The original Animaniacs aired on Kids' WB from 1993 to 1998, and was beloved for its cheeky, off-the-wall, yet layered, sense of humour, equally appealing to children and their parents. Boasting a robust cast of voice actors and characters, it paved the way for a spinoff, Pinky and the Brain, that became a smash hit of its own. In the meantime, fans can relive their memories, or make new ones, as the original series, Pinky and the Brain, and even their contemporary series Tiny Toon Adventures, are all available to stream on Hulu now.

Executive producer Steven Spielberg will reprise his role for the new series, and had this to say: "I am so pleased and proud that Animaniacs will have a home at Hulu. Together with Warner Bros., we look to bring new audiences and longtime fans into this wild world of Yakko, Wakko and Dot. I am also excited that the full library of Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures episodes are included in the deal."

Animaniacs' revival is planned to roll out in 2020. There is no news on voice casting at the moment, but needless to say the show would not be the same without the likes of Jess Harnell, Rob Paulsen, and Tress MacNeille.



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said at 6:44 AM on Wed Jan 17 2018
I was wondering why "Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain" was not mentioned in the article with the programs mentioned as being "available to stream on Hulu" since it was reported as being part of the deal with Hulu in the article at the site for the hyperlink ""?
said at 9:28 AM on Fri Jan 12 2018
I'm just hoping they don't produce this in Flash. I'm not saying I hate Flash or anything--in the right hands, Flash can be a great tool for animation, just look at most stuff produced by Mercury Filmworks, DHX Media, or Titmouse--but I'm really hoping that they go traditional with this, specifically with TMS/Telecom at the helm.

...Pipe dream, I know, but I can still dream. XD

If they do go Flash, I'll still watch--give it a chance, as I always do, if only to hear everyone potentially back. :)
said at 8:53 PM on Thu Jan 11 2018
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Wow. They even got Spielberg back. I'll keep an eye out for this.
said at 1:51 PM on Sun Jan 7 2018
It won't be for some time, but I'm *hype*.
said at 9:13 AM on Sat Jan 6 2018
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Animany, totally insaney, reviving’s a painey..
said at 8:57 PM on Fri Jan 5 2018
If Rob or Tress, or even Jess for that matter don't feel they're up for these characters later on, who should replace them?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:17 PM on Fri Jan 5 2018

said at 11:46 PM on Fri Jan 5 2018
@NCZ Then I'd be interested if they can come up with some new lead characters in the Warners' place. ^^;
said at 11:51 PM on Fri Jan 5 2018
@Troodon2 But joking aside, yeah Rob, Tress and Jess ARE the Warners, so it's probably for the best for them to reprise, otherwise without them we probably shouldn't bring the show back at all.
Shaun Ince
said at 5:38 PM on Fri Jan 5 2018
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If they can bring the same level of wit & clever humour that they did back then when it was relevant to the times, then I have no doubts about the revival for Animaniacs.

In terms of the voice cast, while I can expect the main group of actors to come back & reprise their roles( Jess Harnell, Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille & Maurice LaMarche) I am curious as to whether they will bring in voice actors that haven't done work for this show.

Maybe bring in Eric Bauza or Nolan North as some characters that show up.
said at 8:45 PM on Thu Jan 4 2018
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Another two years? I hope Rob, Tress, and Jess can still retain that same level of energy they did before.
said at 6:32 PM on Thu Jan 4 2018
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said at 9:30 AM on Fri Jan 12 2018

said at 4:02 PM on Thu Jan 4 2018
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It hurts to be a Netflix user.

Also, please, please, PLEASE be good.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:35 PM on Thu Jan 4 2018

Especially when after 10+ dang years Hulu is STILL only available in the US.
said at 9:31 AM on Fri Jan 12 2018

You and me, both, pally. ...Sigh. :/
said at 1:55 PM on Thu Jan 4 2018
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Though I too am devided on how the humour will work out the next best thing will be getting some of the cast back especially the original three, just would not be the same without them.
said at 1:50 PM on Thu Jan 4 2018
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I am excited but also kind of skeptical because Animaniacs was a very "of the times" cartoon. Quite a bit of the shows humor was around 90s culture so I'm curious as to how they're going to translate that style of humor to the modern times, especially given these are characters we haven't seen in almost 20 years.
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