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NEWS - 5 Minutes Of Young Justice
Reported by Michael Nguyen at 12:36 AM on Wed Oct 13 2010
With what is described as a middle ground between Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans, the new DC team based superhero series Young Justice will soon premiere in November with a 1 hour special before the rest of the series is aired in Spring 2011.

5 minutes of footage was screened at last weekend's New York Comic Con as well as a question and answer session with the Greg Wiseman and Brandon Vietti.

Source: youtube.com


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Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 1:24 AM on Fri Oct 15 2010
Bruce Timm mentioned that future DC animated movies would certainly bring back JLU alumni.

*fingers crossed* for a Flash movie with Michael Rosenbaum back in the hot seat
said at 6:29 PM on Wed Oct 13 2010
yeah itd be better if the JLU cast reprised their roles... i mean bruce greenwood was only in under the red hood, why woudl they choose him? He wasnt really that good... not as good a kevin conroy, course no one cud be as good as him! I get that theyre trying to give other people the chance to voice the respected characters but come on... it would bring more fans if they had brought back the JLU cast as a nod
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 12:49 AM on Wed Oct 13 2010
I totally cannot wait for this. The animation is so detailed and fluid. I love this style. It looks a million times better than the clunky designs and animation of Avengers.

DC is kicking Marvel's butt in tv and movie animation.

The only thing that could kill this series is the voice acting. But a lot of big names are attached, at least for the Justice League characters. Hopefully the Young Justice team itself brings strong acting.