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Trolland Trolland
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said at 6:18 AM on Sun Mar 4 2018
Well hot dang. I've seen many a bad animated flick but man if this isn't the most visually unpleasing thing I've seen in a long while then I don't know what is.
said at 12:44 PM on Fri Mar 2 2018
This is one of the most random voice cast I seen
said at 1:29 PM on Sat Mar 18 2017
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huh...didn't even know Asylum made animated movies. Also seeing Dick van Dyke in this makes me sad, though it's only because he's in an Asylum movie.
said at 1:01 AM on Sat Oct 28 2017
@skeletonking1234 Somebody had to pick up where Video Brinquedo left off I guess, might as well be the other infamous company known for making Mockbusters.
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