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The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises
US Theatrical Release Date: February 21, 2014
US Home Media Release Date: November 18, 2014
Japan Theatrical Release Date: July 20, 2013

Animation Studio: Studio Ghibli

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said at 12:03 AM on Sun Mar 23 2014
Miyazaki's last film seems to be more like an acquired taste than anything else. It's as beautifully animated and richly scored as any of his films, but the overall movie feels very slow paced and is obviously not for kids. There are some moments of genuine beauty, however, but the lack of fantasy elements may make it a tough sell. The Disney-produced dub is also a bit of a disappointment. It's not BAD by any means, but it's my least favorite of theirs for sure. I think my biggest problem is with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance as Jiro; he sounds much too deadpan and emotionless. Really the only voices I really enjoyed were Martin Short as Kurokawa, Stanly Tucci as Caproni, and Mae Whitman as Kayo. Everyone else didn't really stand out to me that much except for Castorp, but even then it wasn't that memorable to me.
said at 8:56 PM on Mon Jan 20 2014
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So, did anyone realize that the guy voicing the main character in original Japanese is none other than Hideaki Anno?! The man who created Neon Genesis Evangelion AND animated the Giant Warrior in Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind?! You'd think someone on this site would have brought that up, it's kind of interesting if you ask me!

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"Miyazaki brings us a tale not of fiction, but a blend of fiction into reality. In a way, I think this makes it his strongest film to date."

- DreamMaster08X
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