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The Professional: Golgo 13

The Professional: Golgo 13

The Professional: Golgo 13
US Home Media Release Date: October 23, 1992
Japan Theatrical Release Date: May 07, 1983
Franchise: Golgo 13
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moonarcher (Guest)
said at 6:20 PM on Fri Jan 28 2011
Just saw the movie. Very realistic.
Love Golgo 13(more badass than james bond)
Felt sorry for Laura Dawson(you know it's a darn shame)
Hate snake(good thing he's dead-deserved it a lot)
Hate Leonard Dawson(crazy/sick old man- good that he's dead)
Excelent story, good animation, georgeus women. Heck i'll give it 7,1 out of 10( i realy hate the Laura Dawson-she didnt deserve that guy's, honestly she didnt)

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"The best Golgo 13 adaption so far. Good story and the characters are crazy. He actually faced stiff competition for once."

- doodleboy
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