The Lion King 1 1/2

The Lion King 1 1/2
Voice Director: Jamie Thomason

US Theatrical: Feb 10, 2004
US Home Media: Feb 10, 2004

Animation Studio: DisneyToon Studios

Popularity: 92nd All Time, 106th This Week

Franchise: Lion King
Characters on BTVA: 25
The Lion King 1 1/2 The Lion King 1 1/2
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The Lion King 1 1/2 Cast


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said at 2:54 AM on Sat Dec 20 2014
Set within The Lion King through Timon and Pumbaa's perspective, quite a nice job for a Film like this. Imagine there being a Lion King 2 1/2. This here I consider a True Backstory for The Lion King, compared to Timon & Pumbaa's Wild Adventures, that was set in a Non-Realistic Environment. Here we see:
*Timon & Pumbaa meet for the First Time.
*The Animals bowing at the Start were Actually passing out from Pumbaa's Smell.
*It was Timon that caused the Incident with Simba's Animal Pyramind, but how did he enter his Daydream.
*We see Zazu leading Mufasa to Simba and Nala who'd been on the Run from the Hyenas at the Elephant Graveyard, and ends up sending a Boulder their way.
*Timon & Pumbaa were further down the Canyon where the Wildebeest Stampede Occurred, and it eventually came to a stop.
*The Gorge ended up leading to the Jungle where Timon & Pumbaa resided and found Simba. We even see how they first met him, playing a "Bowling the Vultures" game.
*They make their song for the first time, seemed Rafiki taught them the Phrase "Hakuna Mutata".
*It was them affecting Simba and Nala's Moments during the Can You Feel the Life Song (they tried to prevent it).
*It was Timon and the other Meerkats who sent the Hyenas down a Sinkhole they created at Pride Rock, during the Final Showdown.
My Film did seem interesting, and my what it had to offer.
Jacob M. Keene
said at 3:32 PM on Mon Jan 5 2015
@CuriousUserX90 I also liked it! There's only one thing I don't understand: In the first movie, when Scar tries lying to Simba about the Hyenas being the "real enemy" to cover himself, we see them angrily back away, and then when he gets knocked down a side of Pride Rock, we see them walking towards Scar and the didn't appear to be injured. However, in this movie, they fell down that sinkhole right around the time Scar was knocked down by Simba. Maybe I'm missing something, I don't know.
The Doctor
said at 10:18 AM on Wed Oct 29 2014
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I never got why people see this as worse of the two Lion King sequels. I rather have movie that tries to not take itself seriously and succeeds than vice versa.
said at 2:21 PM on Wed Oct 29 2014
@The Doctor Yeah, I never liked Lion King 2 at all, I know a lot of people say it's one of the better Disney sequels out there but I personally always found it lackluster both on its own and compared to the original even as a kid.

Granted I've never seen this movie, but I did see a preview of it many years back and it does look like it'd be a lot of fun.
Jacob M. Keene
said at 8:02 PM on Mon Nov 17 2014
@Metabad I liked it, and I think you'll like it if you see it!
said at 12:25 AM on Tue Nov 18 2014
@The Doctor I think both sequels are eh, (I used to watch the second one as a kid and liked it more than the original). This one is just a little less eh than the other, looking back on it.
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