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The Great Mouse Detective

The Great Mouse Detective

The Great Mouse Detective
US Theatrical Release Date: July 02, 1986
US Home Media Release Date: July 1992
Japan Theatrical Release Date: July 08, 1989

Animation Studio: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Franchise: Great Mouse Detective
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The Doctor
said at 4:03 AM on Sun Feb 22 2015
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This movie seriously deserves more love. It's really good family friendly version of Sherock Holmes.
The Doctor
said at 6:30 AM on Sun Feb 22 2015
@The Doctor SHERLOCK Holmes, darn it!
said at 5:39 PM on Mon Dec 29 2014
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Interesting how this movie featured not only one of the few non Mickey related roles from Wayne, but also the ONLY non Donald related role from Tony!!
Jacob M. Keene
said at 10:32 PM on Sun Dec 28 2014
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It's not often where both the main protagonist and the main antagonist both have awesome voices! In this case, Barrie Ingham was perfectly cast as Basil of Baker Street, and Vincent Price was perfectly cast as Professor Ratigan!

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