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The Care Bears Movie

The Care Bears Movie

The Care Bears Movie
US Theatrical Release Date: March 29, 1985

Animation Studio: Nelvana
Franchise: Care Bears
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said at 3:36 PM on Mon May 14 2012
wonderful movie! Saw it a lot as a kid! I have it on vhs :D. Plus Terri Hawkes is in it, what more can you ask for? :P
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 11:55 AM on Sun Jan 16 2011
Did you not read my comment above?
trisha (Guest)
said at 10:44 AM on Sat Jan 15 2011
do the cousins even have symbols? bright heart might have one
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 7:37 PM on Fri Jan 14 2011
Actually, great question. The cousins received their symbols at the very end of the movie. So, since they only have symbols for a minute in the movie I chose to include pics of them without the symbols.
trisha (Guest)
said at 5:52 PM on Thu Jan 13 2011
do the cousins have symbols? i guess they didn't show those

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