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The Amazing Spider-Man
US Theatrical: Jul 03, 2012

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The Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man
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The Doctor
said at 2:06 PM on Sat Nov 12 2016
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Do you think that this series will fade to obscurity and be (mostly) forgotten?

The Raimi - trilogy has the advantage of being the first and iconic, while the upcoming movies are associated with MCU. TASM-movies, in comparison, weren't super popular and their story-arcs will never have closure.
said at 12:48 AM on Fri May 12 2017
@The Doctor It looks like it and honestly, I think both TASM movies deserve to be forgotten mainly because they simply weren't very good
Darkness Dragon
said at 5:24 AM on Tue Jul 25 2017
@The Doctor
The first Amazing Spiderman was a solid flick Imo. The first Two Raimi were well made its hard to top.
Homecoming was ok better than Spiderman 3 and ASM2 but not better than the other 3 films.

Heres how I rank them
1.Spiderman 2
5.Spiderman 3
The Doctor
said at 7:18 AM on Sat Aug 12 2017
@Darkness Dragon I have to respectfully disagree. In my opinion, TASM is easily the worst Spider-Man movie to date (mostly because of how unlikeable Peter Parker is and how unmemorable the villain was) and while Homecoming had its shortcomings (hah!) it is easily the second best Spider-Man movie so far.

My ranking (as a comparison for yours):
1. Spider-Man 2
2. Spider-Man: Homecoming
3. Spider-Man
4. Spider-Man 3
5. TASM2
Darkness Dragon
said at 6:22 PM on Sun Aug 13 2017
@The Doctor
The Doctor
ASM had my favorite Peter Parker and Lizard is one of my top 10 favorite live villians. The only flaw imo was it copied a little of The Raimi other than that its great and I love the ending it set a lot up for tbe future,I am sad we ll never see it.

Homecoming was very flawed,all the villians forgettable,Vulture had promise but they underutilized him,Shocker and Montana are Generic henchmen. I didn't like that they pretty much gave Uncle Bens role to Tony Stark. Honestly Peter at times seemed more unlikable here acting like Peter from the first film pre Spiderman. I wasnt a fan of the 80s comedy feel.

Spiderman 3 was a big mess everything is all over the place. We got 3 villians who have no connection. Sandman was good,but some of the writing really hurt. Venom is made into an evil Peter Parker Clone.
I heard the movie had lots of production problems

ASM2 made lots of changes during its production. If they just made up their mind about what they wanted it might of been better.
ASm of the best
The Doctor
said at 6:55 AM on Mon Aug 14 2017
@Darkness Dragon I'm sorry, but I can't see the appeal of Garfield's Peter Parker in the first TASM movie. He is despicable, unlikeable and completely unsympathetic. He always acts selfishly and never shows any respect for anyone (he is nice to uncle Ben only after he got what he wanted). Not to mention, I don't think that Garfield has ever even seen actually bullied person. His Peter Parker would never be a social outcat (at worst, people would just ignore him). Oh, and the ending made it pretty clear that he never learned the responsibility lesson.

I also can't see how Lizard could be anyone's favorite villain. The movie is never clear whenever the Lizard is a separate entity from Connors or all his hidden ambitions/thoughts exposed in a monstrous form. We never get to know Curt Connors as a person, so we have no idea if we should feel sorry for him or be terrified that his darker side has emerged. Heck, Lizard's first impression alone leaves a lot to be desired. There's little to no build-up to him, he is just there, and then he runs away like a wuss after one kick from Spider-Man. Compare that to Green Goblin destroying entire military base or Doctor Octopus killing entire room of doctors, and you see the difference. It also doesn't help that Lizard's design is terrible and he looks too dopey to be genuinely scary. And honestly, if you want to do more "serious" and "grounded" Spider-Man movie, you don't use the Lizard as the villain and especially don't have his main goal to be taking over the World.

In what way is Tony Stark taking Uncle Ben's role in Homecoming? Peter doesn't learn his values from him nor does he die because of Peter's irresponsible actions. He is just an inspirational figure in his life and if that is enough to replace Uncle Ben, then Ben has been replaced dozens of times in the comics by people like Reed Richards and George Stacy.

Vulture is easily one of the best live-action Marvel villains to date, since he has both relatable motive and the menace factor. I personally didn't mind that Shocker and Montana were just henchmen, because that's what they have always been. Besides, if you want your movie to have multiple villains, they need to have a clear pecking order. Trying to make multiple villains equally important leads to messes like Spider-Man 3 and TASM2.

But, in the end, me saying that Homecoming is the second best Spider-Man movie to date is not honestly a high praise, because all of them have some severe flaws. In the first Spider-Man movie, Green Goblin lacks motivations (after killing OsCorp's board of directors, what does he actually want?) and Peter Parker's character arc is done after his origin is dealt with. In SM2, the romance subplot is terrible and Spider-Man losing his powers makes no sense and is narratively unnecessary. Homecoming's action scenes were either mediocre or downright bad. SM3 and both TASM movies are just plain bad. In my opinion, we haven't had a Spider-Man movie yet that I would feel comfortable calling a masterpiece.
Darkness Dragon
said at 8:02 AM on Tue Aug 15 2017
@The Doctor
I hear people say that about Andrews Take on Peter but what about Tom and Tobey? In the first film Peter injures his bully,competes in a wrestling match to win money thinking he ll impress MJ,Tells Uncle Ben hes not his father and lets that robber escape and almost kills him we catches up to him. In the sequel he gives up being spidey for his wants and by 3 hes more agressive. In Homecoming he takes apart the suit Stark gave him and reckless to the point were Stark takes the suit. He ignores his resonsabitys and no consequences(ditching detention and failing to show up to his acedemic competionm.) They are not much better than ASM Peter if not worst.

As for Curt Connors we know he was a friend and co worker of Richard Parker and thats how him and Peter Connect. Its clear the Lizard is the evil not Connors. He was causing Havok over New York and trying to build an army.

I feel like Stark was given Uncle Bens Role,I know he didn't die but hes the one that has a big influence on Peter in homecoming.

Honestly I don't get the Hype about Vulture,he was good and we got to know him but he was still underutilized. I don't agree with you about villians being equally Important will be a mess. The Dark Knight had Two Face and Joker both felt important
The problem in Spidey 3 was Venom and Sandman had no connection they are just there and all of a sudden a team. I think shocker or Montana could of been a good second villian insteas of generic Henchmen. I love the first twi films and ASM
The Doctor
said at 12:38 PM on Thu Aug 17 2017
@Darkness Dragon
"I hear people say that about Andrews Take on Peter but what about Tom and Tobey?"
Yes, Toby injures his bully. In a fight that he didn't start and when he still didn't have the hang of his powers.
Yes, he competes in a wrestling match to buy a car in order to impress MJ. That's 100% understandable and he isn't hurting anyone by doing so, except possibly himself.
Yes, he snaps at Uncle Ben and tells him he isn't his father. After being nothing but nice to him in previous scenes (showing that he actually loves him) and getting frustrated. Yes, he let's the robber get away. After the douchebag promoter didn't give him the money that was rightfully his.
Yes, he almost kilsl the robber later. After finding out that he killed Uncle Ben.
Yes, in the second movie he stops being Spider-Man. After months of being Spider-Man doing nothing than making his life miserable.
Yes, he is more aggressive in 3. After being taken over by alien-goo that feeds on your negative emotions.

Everyhting that Tom did can easily be explained with him still being naive teenager who is eager to prove himself to the grown-ups (who, in this case, are the frigging Avengers). He is still nice kid and, most importantly, he learns from his mistakes and doesn't repeat them.

Garfield, in comparison, only says something nice to uncle Ben after getting what he wanted from him, constantly snaps at aunt May, starts petty arguments with his girlfriend's father when meeting him for the first time, let's the robber get away over some chocolade milk and doesn't honor man's dying wish, because his daughter is hot and "promises that you can't keep and the best kind".

"Its clear the Lizard is the evil."
But what is the Lizard? Is he a separate entity from Connors like the Wolf-Man is to Larry Talbot? Or his he Connors' hidden darker ambitions brought to surface like Mr. Hyde is to Dr. Jekyll? Because the movie gives Connor little to no character development or even lets us to really know him as a person, I have no idea how I'm supposed to feel after he has transformed into the Lizard.

"I don't agree with you about villians being equally Important will be a mess. The Dark Knight had Two Face and Joker both felt important"
But, Two-Face wasn't equally important as the Joker. Not only does Harvey not become Two-Face before the final third of the movie, but his whole point is being one of the Joker's many instruments. Is not like the movie was trying to balance Joker story and Two-Face story. The former is very much the main villain, while the latter is not even the secondary villain. But now we are getting off-topic and arguing about Dark Knight, so I'm just going to leave you with a counterquestion: Was The Winter Soldier flawed movie, because Batroc the leaper wasn't fully-develepod character?
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 9:34 AM on Sat Aug 19 2017
@The Doctor @spencermalley935 @Darkness Dragon

Hey guys, feel free to continue to this very detailed and well-mannered discussion of the movie in the movie's dedicated discussion thread:

said at 8:40 AM on Thu Dec 26 2013
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I really liked this movie. I personally think that Andrew Garfield is better at portraying Spiderman than Toby Maguire.
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