Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday
Voice Director: Jamie Simone

US Theatrical: Feb 26, 2016
US Home Media: Jul 05, 2016
Japan Theatrical: Jul 20, 1991

Animation Studio: Studio Ghibli

Popularity: 851st All Time, 567th This Week

Characters on BTVA: 19
Only Yesterday Only Yesterday
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said at 8:02 PM on Wed Jul 6 2016
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I've only heard the first couple of minutes of the dub, but so far it seems fine to me. I need to hear more of it to form a final opinion, but so far, nothing about it feels grating to me. But with the exception of "The Wind Rises", which I found to be wooden and lacking in many places save three performances, the Ghibli dubs by Disney and GKids I've enjoyed unreservedly (even if I wasn't as captivated by "Marnie", "Kaguya", or "Poppy Hill", all three were still good dubs), and I wasn't expecting anything less. I'm not sure how I feel about Daisy or Dev, but I was surprised to see some voice acting regulars in the dub, such as Stephanie Sheh, Kirk Thornton, and Cherami Leigh. This gives me memories of the first Ghibli dubs, which were a mixing pot of dubbing artists and voiceovers. Given that it's done by the studio where one of its directors helmed the first three dubs, it's refreshing to see this.
EPA Deane
said at 11:56 AM on Wed Nov 23 2016
@JTurner I'm genuinely surprised Jamie Simone was the ADR director on the dub for this. He usually does voice direction on Superhero Animated series.

said at 10:08 PM on Thu Nov 24 2016
@EPA Deane He did a very good job with this one. I found the performances to be sincere and very well done.
said at 5:33 PM on Thu Apr 21 2016
OMG it's the guy from Slumdog Millionaire.
said at 3:04 AM on Thu Apr 28 2016
@PokeDude011 Dev Patel as Toshio? That's a pleasant surprise.
said at 10:41 AM on Mon Jan 11 2016
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Looking on Wikipedia, this dub actually utilizes a lot more regulars in the voice acting industry for this one.

Stephanie Sheh, Tara Strong, Grey Delisle-Griffin, Laura Bailey, Nika Futterman and even Sumalee Montano.

Yeah Sumalee finally makes her anime debut.

This is a Studiopolis dub so it shouldn't surprise me that they went with more VA's for this rather than celebrity talent but the point is that this cast is pretty awesome.
said at 11:55 AM on Mon Apr 18 2016

"This is a Studiopolis dub so it shouldn't surprise me that they went with more VA's for this rather than celebrity talent"

Or maybe all the budget went to Daisy Ridley?
said at 10:20 PM on Sun Jan 10 2016
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Woah, turns out Rey and Ahsoka are siblings.
said at 5:28 PM on Mon Jul 18 2016
@TheVengeanceKnight And Asajj Ventress is the Granny.
King Marth 64
said at 7:33 PM on Sun Jan 10 2016
I never expected that Daisy Ridley, the same actress did the protagonist in the new Star Wars sequels and Dev Patel from The Last Airbender are going to appear in this movie.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:00 PM on Sun Jan 10 2016
@King Marth 64 Dev Patel was in Slumdog Millionaire and you're remembering him for The Last Airbender?
King Marth 64
said at 11:02 PM on Sun Jan 10 2016
@NCZ I didn't watched Slumdog Millionaire before. I know him from the movie because I really liked the show and the movie also.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:09 PM on Sun Jan 10 2016
@King Marth 64 It's all good, just some gentle ribbing on my part aha.

See to me, he's just Anwar from Skins.
said at 6:45 AM on Wed Jan 6 2016
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Wonder why it never got dubbed until now.
said at 2:39 PM on Sat Jan 9 2016
@SpongeBat1 Let's just say Disney got squeamish when they found that the film was discussing... delicate subjects of girls growing up.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 3:35 PM on Sat Jan 9 2016
@BlankSlate I can't get over the fact that the only reason this went undubbed for so long is because a bunch of grown-ass executives were uncomfortable with the fact that people have periods. That's just sad.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 7:50 AM on Sun Jan 10 2016
@NCZ Welcome to the US of A, where people are terrified of anything that is slightly related to reproduction in any way.
said at 9:22 AM on Sun Jan 10 2016
@NCZ Oh, no, periods, so terrifying! As a male, the fact that my eyes have been exposed to that word makes me question my will to live!

JK. In all seriousness, it might be a good thing they took so long to dub this. Nowadays, there's a better chance more people in the US will be open to an animated movie that talks about this kind of thing.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 6:47 PM on Sun Jan 10 2016
@PsychicVoiceSpy Right. While it's a shame that kind of ideology has been commonplace to begin with, it's good that especially in recent times the world has become more open-minded.
said at 9:16 PM on Sun Jan 10 2016
@NCZ Well, depending on where you look in the world, anyways.
said at 10:41 AM on Mon Jan 11 2016
@NCZ and corporate executives always wonder why they are usually the villain in most movies.
said at 7:57 PM on Fri Mar 25 2016

While I know that both gender have cycles, I was a little confused at "people have periods".

This has specifically to do with *women's* menstrual cycles. It feels a little weird to generalize it as "people", because it might sound unnecessarily inclusive of the male experience.

I am not sure why it was phrased this way.

I do agree with your point, though.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:49 PM on Fri Mar 25 2016
@huzaifa_ahmed Some trans men and non-binary people have menstrual cycles too.
said at 3:48 AM on Wed Jan 6 2016
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Can't wait for the dub!
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