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Mickey's Christmas Carol

Mickey's Christmas Carol

Mickey's Christmas Carol
US Theatrical Release Date: December 06, 1983

Animation Studio: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Franchise: Disney
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said at 8:49 PM on Mon Sep 29 2014
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Scrooge: Spirit. Who's lonely grave is this?

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Pete): Why "YOURS" Ebenezer. THE RICHEST MAN IN THE CEMETARY! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
said at 11:40 PM on Fri Jan 2 2015
@vgiannell5 *hides behind the couch cushions out of pure fear as Scrooge falls down to hell*

^ that was basically my reaction to that scene as a kid whenever it came on.

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"First version of A Christmas Carol I ever saw! Now it's my favorite story!"

- Blue Paratroopa
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