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Looney Tunes: Reality Check

Looney Tunes: Reality Check

Looney Tunes: Reality Check
US Home Media Release Date: October 23, 2003
Franchise: Looney Tunes
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said at 2:47 AM on Mon Sep 29 2014
Never seen or heard of this before if it weren't for Foghorn comparison displaying this how but ack the art, it looks horrible the NES looks like a PS4/XBOXOne gen next to this

I would probably get some negativity out of this but computer colouring has always been rather polarizing for me, they can do some nice stuff(But they never really beaten the best hand coloured animation or even some average looking ones) but there's also a lot of extremely poorly rendered stuff like this

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"There's never a dull moment when it comes to the Looney Tunes characters parodying the most hated TV genre, reality television."

- antonithenimenerd
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