Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I. presage flower

Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I. presage flower
Japan Theatrical: Oct 14, 2017

Animation Studio: ufotable

Popularity: 1,165th All Time, 750th This Week

Franchise: Fate
Characters on BTVA: 13
Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I. presage flower Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I. presage flower
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said at 12:13 AM on Sat Nov 18 2017
Finally saw this in Aussie cinemas a few days back. Very much worth the wait and hype. This trilogy is gonna be amazing.

And I sure as hell can't wait for Aniplex to dub this in the not too distant future. I must hear Crispin Freeman act out Kirei's famed Mapo Tofu scene asap.
said at 7:03 AM on Sat Dec 3 2016
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Hopefully this gets dubbed. (with Aniplex I never know)

I love CristinaVee and Melissa Fahn!
said at 3:54 PM on Sat Dec 3 2016
@Unknownsage13 Considering they went ahead and dubbed both Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works (which have both been big hits), it would be an absolute insane choice for them to not dub these movies.
said at 5:35 AM on Thu Sep 21 2017
@Unknownsage13 You never know. It could always be Sentai (hopefully not)
said at 3:08 AM on Fri Sep 22 2017
@Soul-dragon Aniplex already announced they're screening the first film in U.S. cinemas but Sentai having their hands on it was pretty unlikely to begin with anyway.
said at 7:30 AM on Mon Mar 28 2016
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I'm glad that this is going to be a 3 part movie trilogy.
said at 6:02 PM on Thu Jun 18 2015
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I hope this isn't as rushed as the UBW movie.
said at 8:51 AM on Sun Jun 21 2015
@BioZero216 I hope it's actually a multiparter movie series like The Garden of Sinners.

That way we could have the whole route adapted and not have it feel rushed.
said at 5:07 AM on Sat Jul 4 2015
@BioZero216 Well bad news. I heard This will only be one movie.

Unless it's like a 3 or 4 hour movie...I don't have much confidence in it now.

I was mostly interested in this for Kirei Kotomine. I heard this is where he is at his finest.
said at 9:40 PM on Sun Aug 2 2015
@Autovolt Apparently, I'm hearing more reports that isn't true.

Though, if it is one movie, I hope they make it its own thing (think the movie version of Akira) instead of making it an abridged version of it.
said at 4:03 PM on Mon Jul 28 2014
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hm that new it's a movie looks like we well see action too heck no release date now
said at 2:01 PM on Sun Jul 27 2014
Oh, yes! Finally! This is the only Fate route I wanted to see in animation. I hope Yuki Kajiura composes the music like she did for Fate/Zero! I can't wait too see it soon! Thank you, staff members of the upcoming Fate/Stay Night anime series!! XD
said at 12:40 PM on Sun Jul 27 2014
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Didn't see this one coming.
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