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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web
US Theatrical Release Date: 1973

Animation Studio: Hanna-Barbera
Franchise: Charlotte's Web
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said at 2:33 PM on Fri Oct 2 2015
An animated musical based on E.B. White's classic story by Hanna-Barbera? The marriage, on paper, sounds jarring considering the styles of both entities. Indeed, Mr. White was not satisfied with the end result. Neither were the critics; who gave the film somewhat mixed reviews. Audiences responded differently, though, and "Charlotte's Web" has become a favorite of many children who grew up during the age of VHS. The subject matter of friendship, love, miracle, and death White's novel conveyed is treated surprisingly straight in this movie, which is arguably the biggest plus. The characters, too, are excellently voiced by a fine cast of actors; Debbie Reynolds supplies Charlotte was a warm, loving voice fitting for the character, Henry Gibson provides Wilbur a quavering and sometimes whiny but sympathetic voice, and Paul Lynde is an inspiring choice if there ever was one for the snarky rat Templeton. The Sherman brothers' musical numbers are pleasant and cheerful and don't feel out of place with the story by any means. Animation-wise, however, "Charlotte's Web" falls a bit short; although devoid of the jerky, often exaggerated cartoon styles of the studio's better known "Yogi Bear" or "Flintstones" output, it still falls short to Disney standards, and the artwork feels too Saturday morning-ish to do justice to the atmosphere. That said, this "Charlotte's Web" has aged gracefully well over the years and remains an above-average effort for Hanna-Barbera.

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