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Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation
US Theatrical Release Date: March 21, 1986

Animation Studio: Nelvana
Franchise: Care Bears
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said at 7:03 PM on Sat Aug 3 2013
Although it features an interesting villain (Dark Heart) and a clever (if somewhat goofy) ending, CARE BEARS MOVIE II is a rather strange sequel. It is clearly out of continuity with the original movie -- here the Care Bears and Cousins grow up together and know each other, while in the first movie they all meet for the first time. It makes me wonder if this movie is just a remake. The time lapse is also VERY confusing. The cubs' growing up scene happens too fast, making it puzzling as to how much time passed between Christy's bargain and her elevation to Camp Champ. Aside from these faults, this movie is OK for kids and CARE BEARS fans.

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