Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem

Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem
Voice Director: Wes Gleason

US Home Media: Aug 18, 2015

Popularity: 995th All Time, 1,249th This Week

Franchise: Batman
Characters on BTVA: 25
Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem
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Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem Cast


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said at 11:28 PM on Mon Aug 10 2015
I enjoyed this movie too, though it wasn't really much an improvement, since it follows the same formula: 4 villains team up (5 in this case) Bats teams up with Green Arrow and another hero (Cyborg) main villain takes over town center and reveals his diabolical scheme (Again why are the others following a clown?) and by the end lead villain escapes.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 3:44 PM on Mon Aug 10 2015
 3 Shout Outs!
Holy crap is Batman riding a robot T.Rex/dinosaur/dragon-thing on the DVD cover?!?!?!?! I CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 5:50 PM on Mon Aug 10 2015
Before you get too excited, the Dino riding happens only once and lasts a scene or two.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 6:32 PM on Mon Aug 10 2015
@Music Meister Don't even care. Batman rides a robot dinosaur for *any* amount of time?

I'm so there, it's insane.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 3:09 PM on Mon Aug 10 2015
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I liked this movie a little than the first, I thought it had a little more personality than the first.
The voice work is still good and they fit their characters...with two exceptions. Fred's Grundy is basically is Hulk and Troy as Joker...look, Troy's a talented guy and I like him...but his Joker is just a miss, in my opinion at least. Lines that could have been funny are kinda butchered by Troy's forced Mark Hamil impression.

That said, it's still fun and it'll entertain but like the movie before it, it doesn't end on that strong of a climax.
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