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Movie: Aladdin
Franchise: Aladdin

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said at 12:45 PM on Thu Oct 20 2016
I love that the cave of wonders spoke again in an episode of House of Mouse. I was like: "Oh yeah. We get to hear Frank Welker do that deep voice again."
Jacob M. Keene
said at 6:32 PM on Thu Feb 5 2015
He has a really awesome voice!!! Also, it seems that I may be the only person on YouTube who has tried an impression of The Cave of Wonders. I wonder why? I mean, there are lots of people on YouTube who try impressions of Dr. Claw (whom Frank Welker also originated), but not The Cave of Wonders!? C'mon, Frank's Cave of Wonders voice is basically just a slightly deeper version of his Dr. Claw voice, why doesn't anyone else try it?
said at 12:06 AM on Wed May 25 2016
@Jacob M. Keene Isn't the cave's voice also similar to Megatron?
Jacob M. Keene
said at 8:46 AM on Wed May 25 2016
@Mroll I don't hear any similarities, Megatron has a light gravelly voice that's more or less in the baritone range, and the Cave of Wonders has a very deep bass voice that's also very heavily gravelly (the same can be said about Dr. Claw and Soundwave). They just don't sound the same to me at all, kinda like Andy Serkis' voices for Smeagol and Supreme Leader Snoke.
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