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A Bug's Life
US Theatrical: Nov 25, 1998

Animation Studio: Pixar

Popularity: 22nd All Time, 40th This Week

Franchise: Bug's Life
Characters on BTVA: 30
Additional Voices: 41
A Bug's Life A Bug's Life
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said at 9:20 PM on Thu Apr 5 2018
A Bug's Life is one classic Pixar film down to it premise and cast
8000 Saiyans
said at 11:47 PM on Thu Mar 22 2018
I'll admit that while I like this film, there is one thing I never really liked about it: the liar reveal.

Some things needed to be set straight because it was never a lie to begin with since Flik basically screwed up.

Also, Atta is an idiot since she basically tricked Flik into going on a quest to search for warrior bugs just that he could be away from the colony and Flik thought she believed in him. She is the true liar. And to think she hooks up with Flik at the end.

It would have been much better if the scene played out this way. The colony finds out the warriors are clowns and think Flik is a liar. And then Atta would suddenly step in and say that she lied to Flik first, saying that his quest was just to get rid of him. Then Flik would feel betrayed and leave on his own accord. That would've been more interesting and also would've taught Atta a huge lesson.
said at 12:26 PM on Mon Jun 22 2015
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This movie is very interesting to compare with Seven Samurai and Magnificent Seven.
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